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Eminem’s Career and his New Album Kamikaze

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One of the most controversial yet great rappers of America – Eminem has surprised everyone with the unannounced release of a new album. Kamikaze is a follow-up to his 2017’s Revival. But what makes Kamikaze even more exciting is the wide range of topics that Eminem hit in the 13 tracks. Almost everything from Rosenberg to President Donald Trump and Mike Pence along with Grammy Awards and press, Eminem surely was thorough with the album.

Eminem’s Career and Controversies

Eminem fell into hip-hop from a very early age. He began with a friend Manix and the two would perform in basements. The duo went by the name M&M since his real name was Marshall and his partner was Manix. But later changed his stage name to Eminem for the initials. Developing a career was tough for him considering he emerged as a Caucasian rapper in a black neighborhood. But he had a quest for uniqueness. The young rapper was influenced by rhyme patterns of AZ, Masta Ace, and Nas.

Eminem’s career took a new turn when Dr Dre discovered him. Apparently, he found Eminem’s tape on the garage of Interscope label chief Jimmy Iovine. As he approached the rapper for more music, Eminem emerged with his comedic single My Name Is. Later, a full length album The Slim Shady LP came out. And it won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in 2000.

Apart from the appreciations, he has seen his fair share of criticism. He probably lost a lot many fans with the release of his fourth solo Encore. It was a sequel to The Eminem Show. But it was criticized for cartoonish imagery and reiterated concepts. But later, he dropped his greatest hit album Curtain Call. And that one gave some possible hints that Eminem might retire from rap.

It seems like Eminem is his own greatest enemy. The rapper is no stranger to controversies and feuds either. He has expressed that out in the world in the weirdest of ways; he’s talking about doing enough drugs to take down elephants or expose celebrities to spewing out derogatory words to the LGBT community. His dark fantasies of killing his ex-wife and mother are also something the world had to witness in his rapping music. Looks like he made no attempt to hide his wickedness and character flaws in his pop songs or one-liners.

Eminem’s New Album Kamikaze

Eminem has squared up his critics in his new album Kamikaze. Through the 13 tracks, Eminem begins with acknowledging the L’s he took last year. And then, he blasted all the mumble rappers and journalists. He wrote that Lil Pump and Lil Xan were Lil Wayne ripoffs. Then he moved on to call his Donald Trump Rip from the freestyle cypher from the BET Awards as garbage. Eminem moved on to expose critics who apparently talk negative in their reviews just to get more clicks.

Despite Eminem slamming almost everyone is his new album, this one was different from the unnatural vocal inflections that he has carried on for most of his career. It seems like he has dedicated Kamikaze to answer back to the critics. And assert why he still matters. For the first half of Lucky You, Eminem surrenders to Joyner Lucas. But then he opens up his verbal attack on rappers who go for ghostwriters. In another track Stepping Stone, he even uncovers details on his battle with addiction.

Interestingly, Eminem’s new album Kamikaze has one song from the soundtrack of to the upcoming film Venom. And throughout, references to the film come and go with ease. In fact, the chorus continually repeats the word venom. At one part in the song, a direct reference to the character is even made.

By the looks of it, Kamikaze was exactly the type of album Eminem needed to drop for his reputation these days.

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