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Sony Selling Songs of Impersonator of Michael Jackson?

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Michael Jackson’s record label is finally cleared from the class-action law suit along with Sony Music. Apparently, both parties were accused of using an impersonator for for three songs for his posthumous 2010 album Michael. However, the appeal court recently ruled in favor of Michael Jackson and Sony Music.

Is Sony Selling Songs From A Michael Jackson Impersonator?

Earlier during the month, a statement from Sony Music was misinterpreted. It led to a legal case on whether Jackson actually sung the three songs from his posthumous album or not. During a court hearing, Sony emphasized on how Michael Jackson was not the lead singer on Breaking News, Keep Your Head Up and Monster . But it also claimed that any such scenario would not mean that they can not legally sell that music under his name.

The first case began when back in 2014, a fan named Vera Serova accused Eddie Cascio and his production company Angelikson Productions LLC of selling fake songs to estate and Sony. Apparently, Serova claimed that the concerned three songs were actually from a Michael Jackson impersonator Jason Malachi.

Before the release of Michael in 2010, Sony hired foreign musicologists to determine whether Michael Jackson actually recorded those songs or not. But during the legal battle and it’s statement, Sony stirred trouble. However, later it clarified that their statement was only restricted to that particular motion. And they had the right to take another stance outside of the appeal.

Sony’s Victory In The Michael Jackson Impersonator Case

On Tuesday, the appeal court ruled in favor of Sony and the estate. The company itself was unaware whether the songs came from a Michael Jackson impersonator. And thus, they were not liable for the charges filed by the fan.

According to the court documents, the representations of the identity of a singer could not be confirmed. And that it was a matter of opinion rather than facts. Therefore, Sony and the estate were protected by the First Amendment. As per documents obtained from court, Song could not be held accountable under commercial speech.

Nobody can decide if Sony is selling songs from the great singer himself. Or just the ones from a Jackson impersonator. The reality may never come out. But Michael Jackson’s sister LaToya Jackson said that it did not sound anything like him. In fact, the singer’s mother also claimed that the tracks were fake.

The case against Cascio and Angelikson is still continued.

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