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Alyssa Milano Attacked By Bernie Supporters!

On twitter, of course.

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Alyssa Milano has recently come under fire of Bernie supporters! She was always outspoken about politics and recently announced her support for Joe Biden. However, she recently wrote a thread on Twitter, criticizing the divisive politics of Bernie Sanders and his supporters. In response, she received a lot of backlash! Let’s take a look.

Alyssa Milano goes to Twitter!

As we all know, Twitter is currently the hub of US politics. And Alyssa Milano is no stranger to it as well. This time, however, she decided to write a series of tweets, with Bernie supporters in her mind.

She wrote about how she used to support Bernie Sanders back in 2016. But, now she believes that Joe Biden is the person who can steady the boat. This is because of the number of deaths resulted from COVID-19. However, she attacked Bernie supporters by calling the base “toxic” and comparing them to MAGA (Trump supporters). Here’s Alyssa Milano’s thread in order:

These were very strong words from Alyssa Milano for an entire voter base. And as a result, Bernie supporters criticized her aggressively in return.

Bernie Supporters call her out for being a ‘hypocrite’

When the thread was tweeted, Alyssa received a lot of criticism. She was immediately called out for her tweets attacking Bernie. One of them, however, was an article by a right-wing website the Daily Caller. And his supporters were quick to point that out in the replies:


Other than this, Joe Biden’s lack of faith in a proper health care plan was also brought up against Alyssa Milano. This is because recently, Biden told ABC News how he believes Medicare-for-all would not have stopped Coronavirus. And this is coming at a time when most Americans firmly believe in Bernie’s vision for health care.

But these were just one of the many political replies to Milano. However, there were a bunch of serious responses too. And most of them were about her silence on allegations of sexual assault on Joe Biden.

Milano’s silence over allegations on Joe Biden

Alyssa Milano Attacked By Bernie Supporters on Joe Biden!
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A few days ago, a staffer from Biden’s campaign named Tara Reid came forward against Joe Biden. She told in an interview how Biden sexually assaulted her back in 1993. Therefore, this sparked a #MeToo campaign on Twitter against the Dem candidate. These are some serious allegations, that can damage Biden’s campaign severely. This is especially true because Biden’s main targetted voter base is liberal. But, what was more concerning for many Bernie supporters was Alyssa Milano’s silence over the matter.

She has always been an advocate of the #MeToo movement, and her silence on this issue speaks volumes. But, this isn’t the first time she’s been called out for her hypocrisy in this matter. Rose McGowan, a rape victim of Harvey Weinstein spoke about Alyssa Milano in very bad terms. In fact, the two still have a feud, where Rose has blocked Alyssa on Twitter. She also blamed Alyssa for being a hypocrite in this interview that again went viral on Twitter:


This feud between Alyssa Milano and Bernie supporters has opened a lot of old wounds. Sadly, Twitter can become very toxic sometimes. Especially when swathes of people are constantly in your mentions over politics. However, it is important for celebrities to maintain consistency in their stances, and not call entire voter bases toxic. It’s never a good idea to generalize in politics.

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