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Quarantined Demi Lovato is Facetiming with these celebrities

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Jimmy Fallon has joined the casual home setting bandwagon. He is still going strong making content for his fans. We are definitely loving seeing our favorite host casually lounging around his house. And making calls to his celebrity friends like it’s not a big thing. We are just glad that he is sharing it all with us. He had a very fun conversation with Demi Lovato on March 31, 2020. Get your popcorns and let’s dig in.

Demi Lovato’s Facetime is on another level

What you’ll do right after reading this would be to wish that you had a cool manager like Scooter Braun. He has set up this routine for Demi Lovato where she joins him on Facetime for a group video call every night. This resourceful guy has like thirty or something celebrities on his Facetime. Demi Lovato excitedly told Jimmy Fallon that the first night she got on the video call she talked to Bill Clinton who was the surprise guest. Other celebrities she had been on the call with are Ariana Grande, Katy Perry and someone from Tiger King. But the call that had her really excited was the one with Mark Cuevas from the Netflix show “Love is Blind”.

I freaked out over Mark from Love Is Blind. It’s just really funny because you can’t really get anybody on there in the entertainment business that would be cool because everybody on that chat is in the entertainment business. So you have to get somebody on there that’s a politician or from a reality show. I think we had someone from Tiger King one night. It’s so wild. It’s like, who’s gonna be next?

Watch Demi Lovato’s full-blown performance of her new single “I Love Me” on Jimmy Fallon’s Home Edition here.
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