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Your Quarantine Internet Usage Is Affecting People’s Careers

Internet speed is down for everyone.

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Are you facing internet connection issues? Or rather, disconnection issues? If not, is your Internet speed stable or going crazy like those TikTokers licking toilet seats as Coronavirus challenge?

Coronavirus Pandemic has locked everyone inside their houses, forcing them to stay inside. While many people are killing their time by watching movies, TV shows, surfing internet or doing whatever they feel like doing. Some people are trying to earn their money by working from home. Due to everyone going online, the Internet is under huge strain. The traffic on the roads is next to zero, but the traffic on the internet is doubling.

Why Internet speed is being affected?

Internet might be immune to the COVID-19 that’s wreaking havoc in the world. But the internet speed is not immune to the increased traffic. The streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix are trying to prevent network congestion by reducing the bandwidth. However, it’s not helping a lot.

Some major countries have implemented lock-down, sending the school students to home as well. Some schools are on break, some are using Zoom and other services for classes and meetings. Others were already dependent on the Internet for their job. Now that majority of the people are working from home, the Internet traffic is at its peak.

Cisco’s chief technologist in the U.K has told CNBC:

This is an increase we would normally expect to see in a year. We’re now obviously seeing that in a matter of days and weeks.

Normally, people would stream Netflix or any other streaming service for 4 hours in a day. However, now they are streaming it for 10 hours minimum in a day. Even though the experts claim that Internet providers, or network providers, are designed to cope the peak or surge of traffic. However, the issue is that the peak is staying at peak for a longer time and a longer duration.

Ever heard the term of throttling?

I hear it all day. The issue is, Internet Providers use throttling to slow down the speed of the service. The ISPs use this measure to regulate the network traffic. Due to the increased video conferencing and streaming services usage, the strain is real. Whether ISPs accept it or not in the current situation, throttling is real too.

Not to forget, the online gaming industry is pretty active as well. These days, there is a surge observed in game purchases and downloads. But if you are planning to start your favorite game, it is not exactly a good time to do it. Because of the jittery internet and all. So, better use gaming DVDs and avoid online gaming until the lock down continues. Moreover, if you and your family members are using all the available users of a Netflix account, try to sit together in a room and buffer using one user only. In other words, try to minimize your internet usage so that the workers who are trying to earn their money and feed their families, can manage their work with better internet speed.

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