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Meghan McCain Cries over Father’s Tribute

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During a private memorial ceremony, family and friends of late senator John McCain paid their last respects. But it seemed like his daughter Meghan McCain was unable to control her emotions. And at various instances throughout, she broke down in tears.

At John McCain’s funeral, Meghan McCain failed at bottling up her emotions or controlling her self. She wept over her father’s flag-draped casket. And she shook as she stepped up to John McCain’s casket at the funeral. She placed her hand against the casket and her sister Bridget followed suit. But their mother tenderly placed her cheek against her husband’s coffin.

All seven siblings of Meghan attended John McCain’s funeral. Shortly after his death, Meghan McCain released a tribute for her late father. She remembered him as the hero of not just the republic. But also his little girl which referred towards Meghan herself. She claimed that the coming days would surely not be the same for them without John McCain. But they would still be good filled with both life and love since he had set an example for them. She said that her life purpose would now be to live up to his example, love and expectations. Meghan McCain was physically present with the 81-year old senator at the time of his death.

John McCain’s wife, Cindy also mourned her husband’s death on social media. She tweeted saying her heart was broken. And she was happy to have loved the incredible man for 38 years of her life. And that John McCain passed away in his own terms, surrounded by his loved ones and in the place he most loved.

John McCain’s death was sudden but might have been predicted by the family beforehand. Out of his own strength and will, the senator decided to discontinue his medical treatment for brain cancer which was already at its fourth stage. Only a day after this decision was announced, John McCain exited the world.

While planning his own funeral, John McCain gave out some directions to family. He specifically requested that a beloved Irish ballad Danny Boy should be sung during the service. Apparently, it was one of his most favorite songs.

John McCain’s death is surely a tragic loss for many. Especially, Meghan McCain and her family.

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