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Remembering Michael Jackson

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If Michael Jackson was alive today then he would have turned 60 today. The legendary musician that has touched millions of lives across the world is getting yet another tribute to his name. A diamond celebration took place on the 29th of August to commemorate Michael Jackson’s genius work in music. Fans will gather to party to his name with his music, dance a new remix of his greatest hits by Mark Ronson.

Michael Jackson Musical Genius

For centuries, Michael Jackson has been the musical genius that has gifted the world with his own unique style of music and dance that to this day inspires people across the world. It was known that Michael Jackson took his career very seriously and took care for every detail. To writing his songs, from singing them and composing them, his music touched millions of lives like nothing else could. Fans knew that Michael invested his heart and time fully into the masterpieces he created. No wonder many of them set trends that many pop stars today can only hope to beat.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

His dancing was also something to marvel at as he came up with entirely new movements with his iconic gliding moonwalk and a grace and agility by which he moved and mesmerized the entire audience. He didn’t just dance as an art he had to do, but he danced using his whole being.

His entire body was a gift in and of itself. He combined the multitude of talents he had into one whole beautiful thing which became a legendary and timeless act. Even decades later, people continue watching his videos and fall in love with him each time.

Mark Ronson’s Tribute to Michael Jackson

Source: YouTube

Mark Ronson, as a tribute to the late genius, compiled a five minute remix of Michael Jackson’s most popular hits such as “Smooth Criminal” and “Billie Jean”. The Diamonds are invincible songs were played on his 60th birthday this Wednesday. The hits were delicately mixed to create an interesting new sound that hoped to Michael Jackson’s musical legacy great justice. The mix is called “Michael Jackson x Mark Ronson: Diamond Are Invincible. Ronson has talked about how extremely difficult this endeavor was but he managed to do a pretty good job at it. Plus, all the fans would be excited to know there’s going to be extended version coming up.

His Kids Remembering His Legacy

To celebrate the 60th birthday, Michael Jackson’s son Prince Jackson and daughter Paris Jackson
attended the Michael Jackson Diamond Birthday Celebration Evening hosted by his estate and Sony Music. On E! news, they shared that they celebrate their father’s amazing music journey through their own ways, stating that the main message he spread was love. No doubt that the whole ambience of the celebration was a mutual admiration and respect for the late king of pop. Prince Jackson also talked about he was honored to be part of his father’s charitable work and the trend he set out.

Michael’s Agenda to Help Humanity

Despite being in a series of scandalous news in his career, Michael Jackson was still remembered by many as someone who believed in a message of love and acceptance. His infamous songs “Black and White” tackles racism in a clever way urging everyone to not care too much about the color of anyone’s skin. Plus, in all his interviews, we always saw a very soft-spoken and humble human being spreading kindness and love in any way he could.

To that very end, he created “Heal the World Organization” that was a charitable organization in 1992 aiming to help the disadvantaged children of the world by providing resources to combat world hunger, poverty, homelessness and child exploitation and abuse. In his memorable Super Bowl Halftime performance, he made this organization the main topic of the event and stated that,

“Today we stand together all around the world, joined in a common purpose to remake the planet to a heaven of joy and understanding and goodness. No one should have to suffer, especially our children. This time we must succeed.”

With just these words, no one can doubt the purity of his heart and soul when it comes to matter like helping the world be a better place.

He was also the very few celebrities to shed light on the important matter of AIDS/HIV crisis as well. When he was in the hospital after getting second degree burns when a Pepsi commercial went awry, Michael Jackson interacted with other burn patients in the hospital and was so moved that he went on to establish the Michael Jackson Burn Center inside the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City in 1984. Over the years, Michael kept donating to any and every charity he came across with. So much so that in 2000 he Guinness world of Records gave him the title of the most philanthropic pop star at the time.

His song “We are the world” brought together the most popular musical artists and solidified a message of unity and love that was to inspire the hearts of many. That song aimed to connect all humans across the world because it was a song anyone could relate to and genuinely enjoy.

That was the legacy that the great king of pop left us with. One which we can never ever replicate but should always strive to do so.

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