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Harvey Weinstein Used To Support Hillary Clinton

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Harvey Weinstein pretty much became the evil guy of Hollywood. Recently, New York City courts found him guilty for rape and criminal sexual acts. However, back in his heydays, he was quite active in politics. He made donations and held fundraisers for many politicians. And Hillary Clinton was one of them too.

Weinstein was in Hillary’s camp

Harvey Weinstein has always been a Hillary Clinton supporter. He has said in many interviews that he believes she’s the firm leader that the United States needs. Moreover, Bernie Sanders was always doubtful in his eyes. He believes that Bernie was correct in identifying the problem with America. However, his solution of medicare for all and free education for everyone would run the US bankrupt. Harvey Weinstein said this in this interview on CBS this morning:

Weinstein also mentioned that his daughter Emma was a Bernie supporter. But, when Sanders said that Hillary wasn’t qualified for becoming President, she felt it was quite sexist. Therefore, she shifted to Hillary’s camp just like her father.

Therefore, Weinstein donated heavily for Hillary‘s 2016 bid for the White House. And not just that, but he’s always been a Democratic Party supporter in the past. Harvey Weinstein has funded both of Obama’s campaigns as well. But, those fundings weren’t enough for them to defend him when the #MeToo movement brought him down in October of 2016.

What did Hillary say about Weinstein’s downfall?

At first, Hillary Clinton received a lot of stick for her slow response to Harvey Weinstein’s rape allegations. However, she eventually came out and condemned Weinstein in an interview. After hearing the news, she was “shocked and appalled”. Moreover, she thought of him as a friend, which made this even harder for her. For more, you can check her interview.

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