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Rose McGowan Staying True to the #MeToo Movement

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The initiators of the #MeToo movement have their loyalties intact. Recently, Jimmy Bennett accused actress Asia Argento of sexual harassment. And previously, her friend Rose McGowan urged people to be gentle towards her. But now severed her ties with Argento. Both Asia Argento and Rose McGowan were leading voices in the #MeToo movement.

Allegations against Asia Argento

Asia Argento reportedly was involved in a sexual relationship with Jimmy Bennett when he was a minor. Bennett claims that he was assaulted sexually without his consent. And later. he agreed to a settlement of $380,000 because he did not want to be a subject of discussion among the public. But now that he is mature, he is ready to pursue his case for justice. Not only did he come up with his claims, but also, provided evidence of the payment made to him by Asia Argento’s late boyfriend. (Read full story here)

The actress has denied all such claims saying that she knows Jimmy Bennett only because they costarred in a movie. While the matter was under investigation, Argento’s friend Rain Dove released some conversations to the police. As per the evidence, Asia Argento accepted being sexually involved with Bennett. And added that she did not know he was underage until afterwards. The entire situation worsened up even more for Asia Argento.

Rose McGowan’s Open Letter to Argento

Rose McGowan penned down an open letter to Asia Argento saying that she paid off the person who accused her of sexual harassment. She even said that now their friendship was over considering the allegations and hush money payment evident by Jimmy Bennett.

Rose McGowan added that she loved Asia Argento. And they both risked and spent a lot to stand firm in the #MeToo movement. The actress hoped that her friend would find her way to betterment and rehabilitation. She said that any person can become better and so could Asia Argento. Rose McGowan further urged her former friend to be honest and let justice prevail. Lastly, she told Argento to become the person they wished Harvey Weinstein could have been.

Rose McGowan also mentioned how her boyfriend Rain Dove revealed the conversations with her former friend. And that Asia Argento had admitted a sexual involvement with Jimmy Bennett. She said that previously Argento had been her ‘My Ride or Die’. But even then, Rain Dove came to her with the evidence and she commended her boyfriend’s bravery for that.

Rose McGowan revealed that at one time, Asia Argento talked to her about an extortion attempt. And that might have hinted towards Jimmy Bennett. She said that the credibility of the extortion case is doubtful, but if it’s true it’s neither fair nor right. McGowan added that this was exactly the type of thing she fought against.

However, Rose McGowan expressed her sorrow at losing a close connect. But she said the more important thing was what happened with Jimmy Bennett. And that there was absolutely no tolerance for sexual harassment no matter who the accused is.

Rose McGowan believes that the real focus should be on promoting justice. And supporting not just one another, but also honesty.

Loyalty With The #MeToo Movement

After Rain Dove, Rose McGowan too has proved her loyalties to the #MeToo movement. The actress not just suspended her friendship with Asia Argento, but publicly sided with Jimmy Bennett. And even urged her former friend to seek help and become a better person. With all this, it is clear that standing with justice rather than blindly supporting friends is becoming a priority. Women no longer just stand with their associated because they love them. But are courageous enough to go against them for something they believe in.

The #MeToo movement was initiated to punish the assaulter. Justice should come regardless of what the gender of the victim or assaulter is. Now that women are staying true to the movement, and to justice, it’s clear that the entire protest was successful. Feminist movements are finally emerging strong because females are no longer emotionally bound to fulfill friendship duties. In fact, they are ready to stand up against anyone who went for sexual harassment. Be it a friend, family or stranger.

With Rain Dove, Rose McGowan and many others staying true to their beliefs, justice might soon be achieved.

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