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Fans React to Kourtney Kardashian Quitting Keeping up with the Kardashians

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Whether it’s their pregnancies or breakups, Kardashians have never hidden anything from their fans. Recently, season 18 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered with a bang, a physical fight between the eldest Kardashian sisters. Now the news came out that Kourtney Kardashian quits the show and her fans react.

When season 18 of KUWTK premiered recently, no one was expecting it to be so explosive

It all started when Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian confronted Kourtney Kardashian on not showing up for the shooting of the show. While it started with words, it soon became physical and Kim Kardashian slapped Kourtney. Meanwhile, Khloe tries to stop the fight and Kendall Jenner is just shocked to say anything. Although the topic of discussion between the Kardashians is Kourtney showing attitude and coming late for shooting, some fans have other theories. Some think Kourtney is jealous of Kim and Khloe’s relationship.


After a fan posted a tweet related to the show, a response came that Kourtney Kardashian quits

A fan posted a tweet which said:

“Kourtney Kardashian just needs to quit the damn show! I’m over her not wanting to film.”


In response to that, Kourtney Kardashian wrote:

“I did. Bye.”

Although the reply suggests that Kourtney Kardashian quits, you never know with the Kardashians.

In response to that Kourtney Kardashian quits, her fans reacted

While some showed their pleasure on the news that Kourtney Kardashian quits, others were disappointed. One fan declared her to be the superior Kardashian.

Another suggested that she hates Kim and is not to be blamed.

One fan seemed devastated that Kourtney Kardashian quits the show.

On the other hand, there were some fans who expressed their happiness on her quitting the show.

This person seems to be on Team Kim.


While some wanted more drama, most of her fans supported her decision.


Although the right to decide is hers and only hers, hopefully, Kourtney is not quitting the family too.

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