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Superwoman’s Rappers Being Teachers Proves She’s a Creative Genius

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The beloved YouTube star Lilly Singh, known as Superwoman, has done it again. She’s proved her creativity with a hilarious video of imagining a world where our teachers are the popular rappers we know. She acted out Kendrick Lamar with some interesting chemistry, Cardi B with her  English lessons, Dj Khaled with the iconic two liners. And how can we forget that brilliant Sex Ed class with Drake!

Superwoman started out in October of 2010 with a finished degree in Psychology and a determination to make Youtube videos as a career. She’s from India originally but was born and raised in Canada. She’s a multicultural Youtuber that likes to show sides of both worlds. Her old popular videos have often been about her experience as a brown girl in Canada and the western world in general. She’s gained over 2 billion views in total and about 14 million subscribers in total.

The video opens up to a science lab where she uses Kendrick Lamar’s tone and style to his song DNA and accurately used her own lyrics about DNA. Despite you hating or loving this lesson when you were in high school, you’ll definitely love Lilly’s class about it. The catchy rhymes teach definitely us a thing or two about DNA.

Then the scene comes in where we get a spicy English lesson from Lilly as she mimicks Cardi B’s I like it song with her own lyrics and titled it “I write it”. Superwoman had that fast accent on point as she reminded us important rules about grammar.

A short scene by her version of Dj Khaled made many of us laugh out loud. We get a quick maths lesson which are unique to him and him alone. Superwoman nailed that as well.

The ending video was amazing as she used inspiration from Drake’s God Plan to tell us abut her version of Sex Education and named it Bod’s plan. The lyrics are relatable and informative, all at the same time. There’s no doubt to that when it comes to Superwoman, her creativity and talent knows no bounds.

Her Channel in the Past

Over the years, we have seen Superwoman do great things with a multitude of characters. With her acting out the roles of her own parents and even her hilarious boyfriend, she continues to impress us all. Her clever and hilarious videos were relatable to a large audience regardless of their ages, ethnicity and location. That’s because all of them had a certain authenticity and warmth that only Lilly could add in.  She often ends her videos with “One Love, Superwoman” with her unforgettable sign. The sign is a timeless message of positivity and love that spans through the world. It has helped her gain popularity very soon.

But she has never shied away from trying new things, such as her music video “Leh” with her friend Humble the Poet. And how can we forget her many collaboration videos with people ranging from Bill Gates, Michelle Obama, Dwayne Johnson, Zendaya to fellow Youtubers such as Connor Franta, D-Trix, Anthony Padilla, Swoozie and Rudy Mancuso. Yes folks, she is doing everything she possibly can. Her eagerness to try new things has given us amazing videos like this recent one “If rappers were school teachers”. You can check out the video here.

Let’s see what else she has in store for us!

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