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Selena Gomez’s Noble Mission to Empower Women

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Selena Gomez is not heartbroken over the engagement of her ex Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin. But it seems like she has other more important things to focus on. Selena Gomez has embarked upon the mission of empowering women. And helping them feel amazing about themselves with her new Puma designs.

What Is Selena Gomez Doing?

Selena Gomez is inspiring her fans both through her music and her active wear designs. Apparently, the DefyxSG sneaker is scheduled to launch in September. It not just has the initials SG to represent Selena Gomez. But it also stands for ‘Strong Girls’. The singer is hoping to reach out a large number of audience with her message of empowering women.

While talking to the Footwear News, Selena Gomez shared that the whole point of this new launch was to take the focus away from her. And that it’s all about what she believes in or has chosen to do with the opportunity given to her. Puma is celebrating 70 years by its partnership with Selena Gomez. The singer also feels that the entire thing is much bigger than herself. Or even than Puma. In fact, it’s about how people feel about themselves.

According to Selena, she intends to make her line better and more sophisticated. She said that the concept behind the new collection was ‘strong’. And all she wanted her line to do was make sure that any woman who dresses up in athletic wear feels strong and beautiful.

Selena Gomez further added that her feelings have impacted the collection she created with Puma. She takes inspiration from music, movies, and other artists. Not just that, but she loves learning from all kinds of people around her.

Selena Gomez has had her fair share of criticism from the industry. Recently, designer Stefano Gabbana referred to her as ugly in an Instagram comment. While talking out it, the singer shared that it did not matter to her. And she stayed true to herself regardless of what people thought about her. Selena Gomez also feels that she has to express her message more to herself than to her fans.

Is Selena Sending Out A Strong Message?

Selena Gomez is sending out a beautiful message. In a society where women are continually objectified on their weight, size, skin, color, and beauty, little importance is given to how they feel about themselves. Consequently, personal choices come way after what society deems right for women, or what is the ‘normal’ thing to wear or look like. In times like this, when feminism is already reaching new heights, Selena Gomez has taken up something noble to add to it.

With her new collection, not only is she empowering women by attaching the word ‘strong’ to their general identity, but the singer is also giving out the message that women should accept themselves for who they are. Selena Gomez is in a perfect place to influence people considering her huge fan base. And telling fans to remain true to themselves regardless of the judgments others pass on their physical beings is wonderful. All across the globe, females are continually shamed on not having the ideal body sizes, or the perfect skin, or the flawless looks. As a result, insecurities in women are becoming more common than ever. But Selena Gomez is setting new trends by letting women know that they have to feel good about themselves always.

Not only is her mission of empowering women remarkable effort, but the singer’s own spirit is worth applauding. In fact, it’s great to see her survive criticism by standing out strong. She’s finding her strength and managing to stay true to what she is and believes in. And not only that, but she is motivating others to follow suit. That’s exactly the kind of spirit we need in all our celebrities!

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