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Is The Taylor-Kanye Feud An Annoying Drag Now?

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Feuds and disagreements have been a part of the music industry for as long as we can remember. And not just of the music industry, the movie industry too. The biggest stars have come head to head right in front of us. And then there’s the matter of what goes on behind the curtains. You can’t trust everything you see. But let’s talk about the most iconic feuding duo of the decade: Taylor Swift v. Kanye West.

How Did The Taylor-Kanye Feud Start?

One of the biggest feuds of the music industry started in 2009 at the MTV VMA Awards. Taylor Swift was in the middle of giving her acceptance speech for Best Female Video when Kanye interrupted her. He apparently thought Taylor was undeserving and the award should’ve been given to Beyonce. That was the moment that kick started the decade long feud. And it had more twists and turns than any thing you’ve ever seen on Netflix.

Before this infamous VMAs moment, Taylor had called Kanye an inspiration and expressed a desire to work with him. But Post-September 2009, Taylor didn’t quite feel the same way about him.

Kanye apologized to Taylor Swift and for a few years, the two did seem to be BFFs. Although things were rocky and Taylor called him two faced, she also mentioned she didn’t want to start the feud off again and is fine with the way things are right now.

Until 2016 when Kanye his single, “Famous” which had the extremely controversial lyric, “I think me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that b—- famous.” He then goes on to receive backlash over that particular lyric and took to Twitter to defend himself. He shared it was actually Taylor’s idea and he had her consent.

However, another twist. Taylor revealed to Buzzfeed News she had actually warned him about the misogynistic message of the song and didn’t even know about the lyric, “I made that b—- famous.”

Are you tired yet? Well, it doesn’t stop here. Kanye West released the music video of his song, “Famous” which featured a naked Taylor Swift statue in bed with him, And somewhere along the way as this feud gets bigger and bigger, Kim Kardashian West jumps in the middle defending her husband.

Moreover, a lot of snakes emojis were involved in the process. But then, in 2016, Kim posts a bunch of clips that showed Kanye talking to Taylor and getting approval for the lyrics.

Is The Feud An Annoying Drag Now?

Anyway, there was a whole lot of shade thrown by the Shade Queen Taylor Swift in the 6 years. And we thought the feud was finally over. You did too, right? But no. The drama doesn’t end there.

In March 2020, someone leaked the full video of Kanye and Taylor’s phone call from 2016. You know, the one where he was “getting approval.” And watching the entire 25 min video, you can see Kim had edited the footage to make sure Taylor looked like a liar.

And the whole thing started again which I will not get into right now because I’m literally tired of the whole Taylor-Kanye feud and it just seems like an annoying drag now.

I mean, fine, you added that controversial line, she didn’t like it, you guys don’t like each other and you and your wife manipulated facts to blame her, GOOD FOR YOU. But seriously, stop tweeting about it. We’re over it. Even Taylor’s over it. JUST STOP.

It’s been over 10 years. And at this point, we’re all just tired of the drama. And frankly don’t really care for it.

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