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Mel B Enters Rehab for Alcoholism

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Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown is checking into rehab soon next month. Apparently, Mel B is battling against sex and alcohol addiction. The pop singer herself confirmed this in the statement she released for a British tabloid.

Mel B shared that she recently finished writing her memoir Brutally Honest. And not only is it very emotional, but it brought up a lot of issues that need her attention. She added that the past six months have been very rough for her. And her experiences of coming out of an abusive relationship as well as resolving other real life issues have been incredibly traumatic to recall.

What Is Mel B Going Through?

Mel B revealed that while checking into rehab for alcohol addiction, the real problem is the underlying issues. She claimed that she consumed alcohol to numb the pain she felt. But that’s only a way to mask what is really happening. And that it is extremely tough to cope up with all the emotions she contains. Mel B identifies the real problem she faces by saying that it has never been about alcohol or sex. But rather, it is everything underneath it.

It seems like Mel B has lived a painful past. Previously, the singer was married to the film producer Stephan Belafonte. But she claimed that he was physically, emotionally and verbally abusive towards her. However, all these charges were later dropped and Mel B agreed for a divorce settlement.

Not just that, but Mel B has also been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. She tweeted this herself and also linked it to a US government site with information on what the disorder actually is. The singer also retweeted a post from her mother Andrea Brown. It said that she was really proud of her daughter for realizing her demons and having the courage to face them. She further urged people to not judge her daughter. And claimed that a lot of people have PTSD and use ways like these to numb their pain.

Mel B concluded her official statement saying she’ll become a part of a proper therapy program next month in the UK. Representatives of Melanie Brown have still not commented on the release.

Mental health issues and addictions can be life threatening. Seeking the right help is essential. And instead of judging Mel B for her state, everyone should be glad that one life can be saved. We have lost numerous people to suicides and overdoses, and it’s time to put an end.

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