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Shawn Mendes used to date Hailey Baldwin Bieber?

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The stars of Hollywood have a way of being entangled in this loop. Everyone who is anyone is a part of everyone who is anyone’s life. We all love the couples of our current stars. And when you talk about adorable relationships, Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey are definitely among those who come to mind. But Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are a ship that might just be Hollywood’s hottest couple right now! Although, here’s a little scoop most of you may not know or remember. The halves of these two couples were together before they fit into their right puzzle places. That’s right! Shawn Mendes dated the adorable Hailey Baldwin. Well, now Hailey Bieber.

Shawn Mendes and Hailey Bieber’s relationship

Their relationship was not a very long one. Shawn Mendes and Hailey Bieber got together right before Justin and she got engaged. The two were very fond of one another. However, they did not disclose their relationship to the public. Even so that they only confirmed it once the two were broken up. So, Hailey had already gone back to be with Justin Bieber. In an interview with the Rolling Stone in late 2018, Shawn Mendes pointed out that their relationship was complicated:

I don’t even wanna put a title on it. I think it was more of a zone of limbo.

So the two had a pretty good thing going in the late months of 2017. Both Hailey and Shawn were just being reckless as they went on with their relationship. The rumors of their dating started around Halloween that year as they walked hand in hand at a party.

After Hailey and Justin got engaged, Shawn said to Rolling Stone,

I texted Hailey, ‘Congratulations,’ [when they got engaged] and I really am happy for them. She’s still one of the fucking coolest people ever—she’s not just a beautiful person visually, but she’s one of the most beautiful hearts I’ve ever met

But in the end, Shawn Mendes thinks he may have dated her to put an end to the rumors about him being gay.

In the back of my heart, I feel like I need to go be seen with someone—like a girl—in public, to prove to people that I’m not gay.

Well, that’s proven alright! Shawn is in one of our time’s hottest relationships now. And well, none of us even doubt that he’s gay. Hailey and Justin are also such a power couple.

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