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What The Hale Is Happening In Westworld Season 3?

We'll try taking a look at what's going on!

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Westworld is often a handful for many fans to understand. And we can’t blame them either. After all, the show adopted a very complex plot for season 2. I mean, it even took James Marsden a while to get a hold of it. However, with season 3 of Westworld, things are now beginning to take shape. And we’re definitely in for a ride.

What are our favorite characters of Westworld up to?

Well, the easiest way we can look at Westworld’s season 3 is character-wise. We know what happened in episode 1. But we thought it would be easier to merge episodes 2 and 3 in our reviews. So, let’s take a look at where our favorite characters are, and some major plot lines!

1. Where was Maeve?

What The Hale Is Happening In Westworld Season 3

We spent almost the entire second episode of Westworld’s season 3 with Maeve (Thandie Newton) and her quest to understand where she was. She woke up in Warworld, a park in Westworld that is set up during World War II. However, she soon realizes that she’s in a simulation and tries to escape it. But in her attempt, she ends up facing the person who is responsible for the simulation – Engerraund Serac.

What The Hale Is Happening In Westworld Season 3
Serac | HBO

Currently, it seems like Serac will be the main antagonist in Westworld Season 3. He had put Maeve in a simulation, and then after she tried to escape, had her put in her host body and chatted with her. He told her that Rehoboam is AI that helps keep the real world in order. However, Rehoboam hasn’t been functioning properly ever since the hosts came into the real world. Therefore, he wants Maeve to kill Dolores and in return, Serac will reunite her with her daughter in the Forge. But, there’s more to Serac.

2. What’s Arnold up to?

After episode 1, Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) went back to Westworld to find Maeve in episode 2 of season 3. There, he stumbled upon Stubs, who to his surprise was actually a host. And not just that, but his only purpose according to Robert’s code was to protect Arnold.

Anyways, in his quest, he found out that Maeve’s consciousness was taken by someone (Serac – as mentioned above). Therefore, he had to leave the park again to find her. Because she is the only one who can stop Dolores.

3. Dolores teaming up with Aaron Paul to take down Rehoboam

What The Hale Is Happening In Westworld Season 3

As we know, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) in episode 1 was trying to get closer to who was controlling Rehoboam. However, in episode 3, she was trying to flee from the police with half her entrails out. However, Caleb (Aaron Paul) made it easier for her to escape, which made her realize that Caleb was a worthy human being. In the end, she tells Caleb how the system is rigged against him. And that there is no way he can live a decent life, without taking Rehoboam down. Therefore, Caleb ends up joining Dolores’s cause!

In the rest of the episode, she spent some time trying to guide and comfort Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson). But, things are a bit complicated with her.

4. Charlotte Hale at odds against Serac?

A lot of episode 3 of Westworld’s season 3 was spent trying to realize Charlotte Hale’s struggle. As we all know, she is actually a host. However, none of us are certain as to whose consciousness does she have. There are some wild theories about it, but we can only go with what we have for now.

What The Hale Is Happening In Westworld Season 3

What we do know, for now, is that she is struggling with her own demons. She is constantly trying to harm herself and finds pleasure in it. Moreover, she isn’t able to love her only child too. But, after seeing a recorded message from the real Charlotte Hale for her son, she starts to understand the child’s importance. As a result, she starts to care for the kid, and killing a child molester in the process!

However, her real struggle came in Delos. Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale is having trouble controlling the company to an anonymous buyer. As it turns out, by the end she finds out that the buyer was Serac himself. And not just that, but she was his secret informant in the company. Serac was the person she was leaking the Forge’s data to in season 2 of Westworld. This, of course, puts her in a very peculiar situation. We can only wait and see how the rest of Westworld’s season 3 unfolds!

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