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Jojo Performs on MTV Uplugged

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The 29-year-old American actress and singer, Jojo, has been around since our childhood. Listening to her catchy and famous songs and series we were shocked when we got to know of her addiction phase, right? She was this cute and confident little girl who came from nothing and ended up marveling us with her performances. But the industry in which she grew up performing got to the better of her, which eventually happens with every other child star. However, Jojo is past all that time and has recently opened up about all the struggles she had to go through.

Jojo takes on MTV Unplugged to perform for us

We are forever in the debt of MTV for bringing us amazing content over the years. Now, they have stepped things up a notch, that is, they have adapted to the quarantine lifestyle. Yes, they have decided to continue bringing us good music, that too, from the homes of our favorite singers. So our childhood singer, Jojo, who has joined the circus after a long break, was featured on MTV’s episode on March 25, 2020. The video showed Jojo being her usual cool self, looking all pretty and chatty. The video was made in her room and we definitely feel closer to her after this cool move of hers. She performed her famous songs like “Too Little Too Late,” “Small Things,” and the latest single, “Man”. Other than this, she has been very active on her Instagram live as well. She happens to be promoting her new album “Good to Know”.

Keep your eyes out for many more episodes coming on MTV’s new and improved Unplugged sessions. It is a good strategy to promote social distancing. We are excited as long as we are getting good content.

Watch Jojo’s exclusive performance on MTV below:

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