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Tan France Shares Indian Food Guide For Hoarders

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Our favorite British-Pakistani fashion designer Tan France has been winning hearts all over the world. He stars in the reality-show “Queer Eye” and “Next in Fashion”.

Tan France takes us in his kitchen

So, Tan goes like you probably have bought a lot of stuff from the markets to wait out your days in your houses. Well, he is right. Need we be reminded of all the chaos that took place in the supermarkets the past few weeks. Therefore, his agenda in the video was to teach all the hoarders how to actually cook red lentils that they have bought in all the frenzy. Why are you surprised? He is Tan France, he can do it all. Also, for someone from Pakistani descent, knowing how to cook lentils is no biggy. It is one of the favorite dishes there, enjoyed with roti (bread) or rice.

It is a very homey kind of video, no fancy camera crew or anything. Tan France’s husband Rob happens to be capturing the video, while old Bollywood songs play in the background. He gives the measurements of the red lentils and water that you need to put in the pan. After that, he adds about five different spices – turmeric, red chilli, garam masala, coriander powder, jeera (cumin seeds powder) and salt – and lets it cook for about an hour. When the lentils get to a thick consistency he instructs to add melted butter and cilantro. And voila, it’s done.

Before you go, there has been some news floating around town that there is a project between Tan France and “Great British Bake Off’s” Nadiya Hussain coming up sometime in the future. Well, we are all in, as long as we get to see him and his fascinating ways.

Watch the entire video of Tan France guiding his followers on how they can make use of the stuff they have hoarded.

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