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Sonic The Hedgehog Baby Designs Released By Paramount

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Jim Carrey’s latest movie Sonic the Hedgehog was a great success, there is no denying that. Although Paramount’s first looks at the movie got a lot of criticism, they were quick to act upon it and change things for the better. The filmmakers finally released the movie the way Sega fans wanted and it is all credits to the studio. The film also boasted a younger version of the character, but fans also wanted to see a baby Sonic the Hedgehog. Paramount listened to the franchise fans once again and they have released a clip of a baby Sonic.

Baby Sonic The Hedgehog Is Cute!

Although the CGI is clearly incomplete, we can still clearly see how things are going to look once the studio completes its work. We are talking about this clip of baby Sonic the Hedgehog. Do note that the baby Sonic looks extremely similar to the way he is shown in the movie itself. However, we can also see similarities in the scrapped Sonic designs, the one which fans rejected and caused an uproar in the community. Regardless, we are in bliss to have received a version of the baby and that is why we are here. Take a look below:

Paramount released the clip only hours before the film’s digital release which they scheduled for March 31. Now, the film is set for a BluRay and 4K Ultra HD release on May 19. We think this is a great effort by the studio to build a baby Sonic the Hedgehog for the fans. In the clip, baby Sonic delivers to Earth by the owl Longclaw. The owl is seen taking care of the baby even when he grows up just enough to start running at super speed. However, after an attack from a tribe resembling Knuckles the Echidna Sonic has to leave Longclaw behind.

What do you think about baby Sonic the Hedgehog? Did you like this clip?

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