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Cardi B’s Racist Comment: Did She Mean Any Harm?

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Recently, Cardi B enjoyed a lot of popularity for her successful opening surprise at the VMAs. But it seems like all the praises and appreciation was short-lived. Cardi B is now facing some serious backlash after a few old tweets and a video resurfaced. The singer is now accused of being not just racist, but also transphobic.

What Did Cardi B Really Do?

Recently, a few videos and tweets from Cardi B made their way back onto our social media screens. In one video that was shot for a skit for the TV show called Off the Rip, Cardi B gives women dating advice. And she joked that cleaning your vagina or butt was a Puerto Rican bath, a Haitian shower or a Mexican spa day. Cardi B simply told women that if they don’t have time between dates, they should just clean their personal parts with a towel. And she also delivered various sketches of hygiene and relationship.

In another series of tweets, Cardi B had called a dark-skinned woman a roach and a monkey. Other than that, the rapper has also expressed blatant trans hate. In a tweet, she wrote that if her man cheated on her, she would get him drunk. And drunk enough that he would a transgender to rape him.

When the tweets resurfaced previously, Cardi B attempted to defend herself online. As per her, people were just trying to mess her day. In fact, she even posted a video calling herself a roach. And said that it was just a word that she used very often. That did not mean that she was targeting anyone because of race or color or anything.

The Reaction Of The Public…

People immediately reacted to all this. While some tried to pull Cardi B down, others rushed to her defense. Even though. Cardi B’s former tweets are no longer available, the incident looks pretty fresh in the audience.

A lot many people were not ready to forgive Cardi B, and with a lot of other popular celebrities being picked out on their racist comments, they believe it’s time for Cardi B to pay her dues as well.

But others believed that it all stemmed from the fact that she is doing so great. And considering that previously she was a comedian, people are trying to give her the benefit.

Did Cardi B Intend Harm?

It does not necessarily imply that with her tweets and video, Cardi B was picking out on a particular ethnicity or skin color. Stereotyping has been considered unethical for a long long while now. But sometimes a few comments that might seem racist are not intended to differentiate or degrade some ethnicity or nationality as common perception has it.

Stereotyping surely remains one of the worst things to happen to our society ever. There is no disagreeing to that. However, what needs consideration is that almost all stereotypes exist because of a reason. And if people like Cardi B comment on something without giving it proper thought or doing thorough research, does it still qualify as being racist. Since her joke although offended a few, did it really distinguish against a particular culture of ethnicity?

But then again, if you watch the wider picture it does. Comments and jokes like these went on for years against African Americans. They are the very reason that racism has so deeply embedded itself in our culture that it’s impossible to sometimes protect the minority culture. Institutional racism has led to African Americans being physically harmed. And that makes stopping any racist comment that might trigger such behavior extremely essential.

Although racism is not okay, and joking against stereotypes should be abolished, sometimes it’s just not fair to start criticizing people for what they said years ago. Cardi B is not a racist person anymore. Neither is she spewing out hatred against any ethnicity or person in particular. So the backlash she is facing might sabotage her personality and career.

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