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A Tropic Thunder Moment Staring Robert Downey Jr-JRE Toons

I get to be black for a summer, says RDJ in this animated clip with Joe Rogan.

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Joe Rogan’s question on the possibility of Tropic Thunder 2 paved way for one the best Robert Downey Jr moments on JRE podcast. The Avengers: Infinity War star’s interesting views made their way to JRE Toons and the discussion was hilarious. It was arguably one of the best of Robert Downey Jr movies and helped him score an Oscar nomination too.

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Robert Downey Jr on Tropic Thunder 2

Ben Stiller movie Tropic Thunder 2008, came under fire for casting a white guy to play a black person. Many believe that a remake of this film is close to impossible in today’s time and Joe Rogan was curious too.

This 1 minute 43-second animated clip reenacts the moments following Joe Rogan’s million-dollar-question and it’s hilarious. When asked if Tropic Thunder 2 can be made today, Avengers: Endgame‘s Tony Stark responded in a rather comic fashion. This was one the most memorable Robert Downey Jr moments.

Well, you could it.

Iron Man actor’s one-liner cracked the host up but there was more to come. Robert Downey Jr continues to explain how he got the role.

When Ben Stiller called and said “hey I’m doing this thing and I was like, sure I’ll do it after Iron Man. It will be great.”

Robert Downey Jr then shared his after-thoughts on whether he has made a mistake. It was my favorite part of the podcast. The response sent Joe Rogan into fits of laughter.

Then I started thinking: “wait a minute, let’s get real here. I get to black for a summer, so there’s something in it for me. Plus, 90 percent of my black friends were like “dude that’s great.”

Robert Downey Jr also explained that the film was about how “wrong” it was and the host agreed. It is quite impossible nowadays for a white guy to wear a black face and no film studio is going to take the risk.

RDJ defended his role and shed light on such a sensitive topic in his trademark manner. All the criticism aside, it was one of the best Robert Downey Jr movies and it would be interesting to see someone making a new version of it. We’ll have to wait on that one.

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