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Famous Comedian Ken Shimura Dies From COVID-19

Coronavirus takes another precious life

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The novel Coronavirus has put the world into a halt. What’s even worse is that it’s taking many of our loved ones away from us too. Unfortunately, that also includes famous celebrities whose death affect millions. One of them is now Ken Shimura, the veteran Japanese comedian who died of COVID-19, yesterday.

First Japanese celebrity to die of COVID-19

He is the first Japanese celebrity to die of the novel coronavirus. On March 17, he developed pneumonia-like symptoms and fatigue and was hospitalized in Tokyo by March 20. But, his condition kept on getting worse.

Ken Shimura tested positive for COVID-19 on March 23. But, his age put him in the high-risk category of this disease. And because of that, it ended up costing him his life. But the Japanese people will remember him very fondly.

A Japanese icon

Ken Shimura was like a household name for the people in Japan. He drew inspiration from Jerry Lewis. However, because of his versatility, he was commonly known as ‘Japan’s Robin Williams‘.

His most iconic work was Shimura Ken no Bakatonosama (Ken Shimura’s idiot feudal lord). In that, he was popular for his parodies too, just like Jerry Lewis was. Moreover, the fans are just as devastated. A Japanese resident told the Japan times:

He was popular among a wide range of generations and was the No. 1 source of pride for locals. I’m the same generation and (his death is) very regrettable.

At the time of his death, Ken Shimura was working on several shows. They included ‘Genius! Shimura Zoo’ and a movie based on the book “The Name Above the Title” in April. However, his death has changed everything. But, it also tells us how serious COVID-19 is in Japan.

Currently, there are more than 1800 cases of COVID-19 in Japan, with 68 cases confirmed by Monday. That is the biggest spike for the country, yet. Things are bad in Japan, and that’s why they postponed the 2020 Olympics till 2021 too.

No one is safe from COVID-19, including celebrities

Ken Shimura joins a list of high profile celebrities affected by COVID-19. Confirmed cases include Tom Hanks and his wife, Idris Elba, Harvey Weinstein, and many world leaders too. However, there have been deaths too, such as Sopranos and YOU star Mark Blum. All we hope is that a cure for this pandemic is found soon. So that we do not have to see more poor, innocent, and loved ones die in our arms.

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