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Donald Trump Slams Meghan Markle, Just Like British Media

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Not a day goes by when we don’t see Donald Trump’s name in the news. The President of the US can’t resist being in the headlines. This time, however, it was for something completely bizarre. After praising the British Royal Family, he attacked Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Twitter for moving into the US. This is especially bizarre, considering the circumstances!

Another one of Donald Trump’s Twitter tirades

Donald Trump Slams Meghan Markle, Just Like British Media

Donald Trump’s Twitter tirades are known to everyone. The US President can’t get enough of them, but this time it was just weird. First, he admired his great relationship with Queen Elizabeth and the UK. But then, he just slammed Harry and Meghan for leaving Canada to live in the US. He said:

Now they have left Canada for the U.S. however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!

You can read Donald Trump’s tweet here:

Now that we know what we tweeted, we can analyze how bizarre this is coming from the President of the United States.

There was no need to lash out on Harry and Meghan

First of all, the President is lashing out on Harry and Meghan for no reason. This is because the couple never asked for any security protection from the US Government. The couple’s official spokeswoman says:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no plans to ask the U.S. government for security resources. Privately funded security arrangements have been made.

Therefore, this rules out any news that Harry and Meghan even asked for any security from the government. But that’s not the only reason why this tweet from Donald Trump makes no sense.

People are dying in the midst of a Pandemic!

Currently, the US is the worst-hit country in the world due to coronavirus. People are literally dying in thousands, and in this time the American people want their President to focus on their basic needs. However, in such difficult times, it’s quite careless for Donald Trump to waste his time on a non-issue like this.

And it’s not like he’s doing a great job at it either. He’s under constant fire from the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and many others to help the people of the US. Even though Donald Trump recently announced a $2 Trillion relief package for industries and the affected, it doesn’t seem enough!

Therefore, in times like these, it doesn’t seem like a good idea for Donald Trump to attack Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. There are far more pressing issues currently than their personal lives. The former royal couple has already had it tough because of the blatant racism of the British Media. There’s no need for any more of that.

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