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Aaron Carter spills assault details

His girlfriend is in jail after assaulting him.

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Aaron Carter has sent his girlfriend Melanie Martin to jail. She is accused of felony domestic violence. Just a few hours before the incident happened, Aaron was happily searching for a new house and he was planning to move to his new estate with his girlfriend. They had a few fights before, but it never lasted longer than a day. The fans most know of their live-streamed fight, which Aaron claimed that it was staged. They also made fun of people. However, new week, new fights, and she is in jail now waiting for her bail. The bail is reportedly set for $50,000. Though he was staying silent initially, Aaron has spilled details about the assault now. He shared details on his Instagram Live, and now on YouTube.

Aaron Carter shows his bruises and scratches

While he was Live on his Instagram, he actually started the Live by whispering. The fans asked why was he whispering, he did not tell at first. But he kept asking his fans to follow his OnlyFans. And he also said that it was only his OnlyFans now. After promoting his OnlyFans for a few minutes, he shared the scratches.

domestic violence

Aaron Carter further shared that he caught Melanie Martin cheating on him. (he made the same allegations during the “staged” fight). And then he said she’s in jail. None of these words were spoken out loud. He was type-chatting with the live audience. Aaron said he feels bad but he cannot take abuse from women and be used by them.

Aaron Carter abuse

He further claimed that Melanie Martin choked her, sliced his arm open and that she was the one to call the cops, not him. She allegedly kept harassing him after he got his molar pulled.


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Details on YouTube

Aaron Carter is still streaming Live on his YouTube channel: LMG TV. He says the relationship was very alarming for him. He has already started calling Melanie Martin his ex-girlfriend. Aaron says Melanie choked his trachea, sliced his arms open, (some people are calling it “love scratches”, and that it does not look like “sliced”), she ripped his back open and she punched him right where his mouth is swollen. Aaron further claims that he is unable to speak because of Melanie choking him.

Moreover, Aaron reminded everyone how the same thing happened with Lina. He is still saying that Lina abused him and called the cops. And that back then, he said to Lina she was the wrong person and she would be sent to jail. For Melanie Martin, he said:

Melanie broke her dog’s leg yesterday after I broke up with her.

Aaron Carter and Q&A

When someone asked him why the women staying with him end up in jail, he said if someone needs to ask questions then they should donate first. After some donations, Aaron shared more details. He shared that when he was breaking up with her, he promised to support her to get a storage unit for her things, but she allegedly freaked out and choked him.

When someone asked if he knows about Jenna Shea’s comment, he said he doesn’t care about people who do not have self-worth. And when a person asked why he hasn’t taken peanut to the doctor. He said he is getting the dog out of his possession. But he claims he helped him.

Aaron Carter is still live on the YouTube channel. There will be more details coming soon.

If you or someone from your family/friends is going through a tough time, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), available 24/7.
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