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Has Humor Gone Too Far? The Happytime Murders Movie Proves That

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In a world where movie making is becoming more and more sophisticated, The Happytime Murders is surely off-brand. Hollywood has finally found a movie that the public would easily rate as the worst film of the year. Yes, The Happytime Murders with all the crude humor and shallow concepts would win this category.

The Problem With ‘The Happytime Murders’

The Happytime Murders is an R-rated comedy attempt from Brian Henson- the son of late Muppets creator Jim Henson. The film attempts to bring those puppets to co-existence in the world with humans. The puppets are not only made to appear as second-class citizens. But the entire joke is that they are grosser, depraved and more lustful than anybody could have guessed. If this was not enough, the film investigates the story of a former children’s show puppet who is now a sex addict and spends his time browsing through porn and sex toys.

Anybody who simply hears the plot is ready to classify The Happytime Murders as somewhat of a sickening movie, for some it might be too much. The Happytime Murders stars popular actresses like Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, and Elizabeth Banks. But despite that, the film is not just crude but completely empty of wit and totally dispiriting. Even when the film is supposed to be a comedy crime film, the only joke you can find on screen comes from Maya Rudolph. Besides that, The Happytime Murders is just a prolonged parade of sexual and violent scenes.

The Happytime Murders is rude and unpleasant to the extent that people would wonder why it was created. It seems like the movie plot was not carefully considered. Although initially, the movie prepares to battle with racism and issues of social class inequality with the way it introduces puppets to the human world. But then it completely ignores the idea. And builds up an even worse impression in which all puppets are needy sex addicts. Moreover, it’s even surprising that such a movie actually made its way to the big screens.

Does The Movie Take Humor Too Far?

It seems like that comedy has no boundaries anymore. Anything that you might find funny could be offensive to someone else. In essence, comedy should be free art. But considering the varied and diversified interests of the human society, and the increased harassment trends, some boundaries need to be defined for it. With lines marking the parameters of comedy, it is possible to protect the sentiments of individuals. But the bigger question remains that where should these lines be drawn? And is it certain if defining limits for comedy will make sure that nobody ends up humiliated?

It’s true that sitcoms like South Park, Family Guy and even Rick and Morty have episodes with crude humor as well. And not only are they widely popular but well liked with the audience. But they still have some strong concepts and generally good ideas that compensate for the unfiltered jokes. However, The Happytime Murders has taken it a bit too far over the limit. It has no pivotal plot point. But instead, just a bunch of inappropriate crude jokes, with no wit and no mystery. In fact, the movie has no competent or coherent story of its own.

Undoubtedly, with that weak plot and baseless comedy, the movie has to be one of the worst things you spend money on.

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