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Channing Tatum Mourns Death of First Best Friend

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Channing Tatum lost his first-ever best friend and is mourning his death. Paying a tribute to his late friend, the actor uploaded a social media message. As Channing Tatum recalled their memories together, he claimed to always love and miss his best friend.

Channing Tatum’s best friend Corey Vaughn passed away at Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula. The cause of his death is still unknown. But he was 38 years of age and leaves behind a wife and two small children. According to his obituary, Channing Tatum’s best friend was a devoted man in all his roles- be it a father, friend, wife or brother. Corey Vaughn was a man with a sense of humor. And always noted the good in others and believed in giving opportunities to those who were in need.

Channing Tatum’s Tribute To Best Friend

Recently, on Thursday, Channing Tatum shared an emotional note on Twitter and Instagram. He announced that his very first best friend Corey Vaughn had exited the world on Tuesday. The actor further went on to discuss their relationship and journey together.

Channing Tatum said that he will never forget how his best friend protected him and stuck around when he first moved to Mississippi. He also mentioned all the laughs and troubles that the duo shared. But most importantly, Channing Tatum used the death of his best friend to remind everyone not to put off anything. Be it meeting a friend or just calling or texting them. Tatum sent out the message that nobody knows what will come next. He added that his best friend would have wanted to make everyone laugh and have as much joy as they could. And Corey Vaughn really did. Channing Tatum also referred to him as his brother saying that he will always love and miss him.

Channing Tatum captioned his post wishing that Corey Vaughn rests in peace. And added that he loved him with all his heart. The actor also sent out his condolence prayers to his best friend’s entire family.

Channing Tatum And His Best Friend’s Journey

Channing Tatum has let the fans in on the news that as a child, his family traveled a lot. Even when originally he is from Alabama with relatives settled in the city, his family continually moved. He stayed and grew up in a variety of places including Mississippi, Pascagoula, Gautier, and even Florida. In fact, they moved all around the South.

During his stay in Pascagoula and Gautier, Channing Tatum met his best friend. Although Channing moved again, Corey Vaughn always remained his first best friend. The two became closely connected as Tatum’s best friend always stuck with him through all the times. He would not just protect Tatum but also stick up for him as a child. His best friend would have even fought anybody for him.

Considering their close bond, and the fact that Tatum lost his first-ever childhood best friend at a time when he was already recovering from his split with a wife of 9 years, it surely must be a troubling situation for the actor.

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