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Batman’s Most Disturbing Murder Happened In This Comic

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We all have heard about this code of Batman where he would not kill even when he was cornered from all sides. However, does anyone know how long it took him to break that code? Casual fans might think that Batman’s murder rule is his steadfast dedication. Whereas “real” fans would know that this is merely a general rule, he is responsible for indirect and direct deaths throughout the DC universe. I mean, we know he has killed Green Arrow and even the Joker in The Killing Joke. Unfortunately for the new and casual fans, we want to inform that these are not even close to his most-disturbing murder.

Batman’s Most Disturbing Murder

Believe it or not, but Batman’s murder, his most disturbing one, happened in his first standalone issue, that is Batman # 1. The Dark Knight might have debuted back in 1939, but he got his standalone comics only a year later. The comic introduced us to Joker and Catwoman as well, but perhaps his most disturbing murder is the highlight of this issue.

Without giving away too much of spoilers, we will reveal only a few parts. In this edition, Batman runs into an encounter with Professor Hugo Strange. The professor develops a serum of turning people into giants, which he uses on Arkham Asylum prisoners after freeing them. Batman is also injected with the same serum, but he is able to concoct an anti-serum in time. He does this while turning two monsters against each other, who eventually murder each other.

Next, taking his Batplane he pursues all mental patients who are now giants roaming around Gotham City. During this, he tells himself, “Much as I hate taking human life, I’m afraid this time it’s necessary”. This is where Batman’s murder starts.

Batman Most Disturbing Murder
DC Comics

Shooting a truck these giants are travelling in, he ensnares one of them using a noose hanging from the Batplane. The Dark Knight lifts the giant in the air, during which this giant’s neck snaps, but that is not the end. The bat cuts loose this “steel-like” rope, making the giant fall to the ground. “He’s probably better off this way”, said Batman before murdering the giant and cutting the rope. The giant presumably splatters at the feet of the terrified Gotham citizens below.

What do you guys think, was this is Batman’s most disturbing murder?

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