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This Batman v Superman Scene Even Confused Zack Snyder

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Director Zack Snyder admits that this particular scene in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice confused him as well. We are with you as well, Mr. Snyder, as we all try to figure out if it has a deeper meaning. Either the filmmakers wanted it to mean something. However, they later cut it out. The discussion here is on the famous Knightmare scene, where the dark knight finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world in flames. We did not get an explanation intro this glimpse into the dark future and, likely, we will not get it ever.

Zack Snyder Talks About Batman V Superman

In this Knightmare scene, Batman has a vision that takes him into a dark future. He is in a future timeline where Superman has lost his beloved Lois Lane and fallen towards the will of Darkseid and his Anti-Life Equation. The evil Superman conquers the planet, destroying whatever comes into his path. However, this scene in Batman V Superman was only as far as it went. Because Flash wakes up Batman and they both are inside his Batcave. Now, we are all confused as to what did this dream mean for Batman. Or, to what extent was a time-traveling Flash granting him this vision?

Zack Snyder was doing a commentary on Batman V Superman on Vero when he talked about this scene. He admitted that he is not completely sure what was happening in the scene.

“So he.. falls asleep, maybe. I’m not sure. Could be a consequence of Flash running on the cosmic treadmill and creating a rift. Could be a combination of those things.”

Perhaps Snyder is pointing that the Flash from the future was trying to give Batman a vision of the timeline he came from.  Unfortunately, Snyder admits that he is not quite sure how this was happening. Maybe we would have gotten something out of this had the director continued his original plot for Batman V Superman.

Warner Bros lost confidence in Snyder’s vision for the DCEU and they pivoted in a different direction after Batman V Superman. The director’s plans are no more and have now become merely a cinema relic.

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