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The very normal things celebrities are doing in Quarantine

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Nobody’s got anything going on these days. With the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) we are all Quarantined in the confines of our personal spaces. As we are all off of our everyday routines, now’s the time to do all the indoor things you kept putting off. While we are all going through all our social media sites over and over again, our celebrities are doing their thing too. Looking into it, we found all the everyday normal things that our stars are doing now when they do not have their overbearing routines occupying them. And it may just help you realize just how much your favorite stars are like yourselves.

The very normal things these 5 celebrities are doing in Quarantine

Ellen DeGeneres.

Our daily talk show host and adorable icon, Ellen is also making the most of her time in isolation. Just as Keeping up with the Kardashians’ new season starts, Ellen is keeping up with it too.

Lilly Singh.

The iiSuperwomanii handle holding YouTuber has reached the stars. Well, metaphorically as Lilly Singh is the first female host of a late-night talk show. She is spending the Coronavirus Quarantine by snacking in her bed looking out the window. Cool.

Lili Reinhart.

Our sassy Riverdale actress is laying around in sweats all day every day. Quarantine it is. And she is now starting to be so comfortable in them that she questions why people even wear pants at home. Also, she is watching poop challenges.

Taylor Swift.

The pop-diva is also staying safe and staying home away from the COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) wave. So Taylor Swift is spending her Quarantine making a Spotify’s Women History Month playlist. She shares the music of women that she was inspired by.


Chris Evans.

What would America’s favorite butt be doing at a time like this? That’s right. Captain America is sitting at home too. Protecting the world from the inside. So, what does Chris Evans actually do in his Quarantine? The Marvel’s Avenger is snuggling up to his adorable little doggie.

So you see? You do not need to be doing something over the top for your Quarantine to go by. There are extra celebrities but then there are these people. They’re just spending their time being cozy in their space and being heroes in protecting the world from the COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2).

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