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Aaron Carter smashed Melanie Martin’s phone out of jealousy?

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Well, seems like Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin are “staging” another fight at the moment. If you do not know about the previous staged fight, let us summarize it for you. Just a few days ago, Melanie and Aaron had a fight while he was live-streaming it. He kept accusing her of “cheating” on her by texting her old clients from the bar and promising them nudes. Melanie left the house, but the roads were empty. The next day, she was back with him in the live streams. And they said the fight was staged. Fast forward to yesterday, Aaron was unbelievably rude towards her. Then we see a broken phone on Melanie’s Instagram story. And her next stories confirmed she is at her Grandma’s home. Did he really smash her phone and she left him for real this time?

Aaron Carter’s arrogant live-stream from his dentist’s clinic

Aaron Carter had a dental issue due to which he had to leave his house and visit the dentist. Melanie Martin was with him as well. He kept going live both from his account and Melanie’s account. And the sight was not that pleasant, to be honest. No, we are not talking about his teeth. He has a perfect set of teeth, as far as we could see. However, the way he was treating Melanie and the fans, was not that pleasant.

Probably it was a side-effect of the laughing gas, that dentists use to make you comfortable and help you relax. Aaron, on the other hand, was neither comfortable nor relaxed.

Check out this video as a sample. This is a day before the dentist visit:

When he was using Melanie’s Instagram:

And when he was using his own Instagram to go LIVE from the dental clinic, here is what he had to say:


Tell me if I’m understanding it wrong, did he just literally ask $1000 dollars from a guy who wanted to go out for shopping with Melanie Martin. That feels like “pimping”.

Who has the bigger heart? He never asks.

Moreover, he also confirmed that the gas works slow. That means whatever he was saying, he was not under the gassy influence. Aaron Carter also threatened to blow the knees off of his fans who find Melanie “cute”. Then he just had to compare the D*** sizes. and bring Melanie’s ex Kurt Benz in the discussion. Something one could expect from teenagers who recently hit puberty.

I’m Thanos. I’m the most powerful super-villain in the world.

Aaron Carter called himself Thanos and Captain America in one-go. It’s all about power and the size to him. That’s what driving his fans away from him as he never talks about who has the bigger heart. While many celebrities are funding foundations at this time, he keeps showing people all of his cash he keeps at home.

What went wrong?

Something must have gone wrong when they got back from the dentist because Melanie Martin’s Instagram stories raised a red flag.

Then it was followed by pictures and video of her dogs:

Melanie Martin

She also shared how stressful the situation was for her:

Melanie Martin Car

Meanwhile, Aaron Carter is gone from her Instagram bio, she is gone from Aaron’s bio. And Aaron has once again removed her name from his OnlyFans account:

Aaron Carter

Do you think they are done for real? There is another update we just found out and that’s a whole different situation. Next article coming right up.

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