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Gillian Anderson Thinks Pineapple Does Belong on Pizza!

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While in quarantine due to COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV 2), Gillian Anderson held a Q/A session on Instagram. According to her, pineapple on pizza is completely acceptable.

Although pineapple on pizza is called Hawaiian Pizza, it was originated far from Hawaii

It all began in the 1960s in a small town in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. Chef Sam Panopoulos of Satellite Restaurant is called the father of Hawaiian Pizza. While it remains a mystery as to why he added canned pineapple on pizza, it began an unending debate. The world is divided into two groups, one who loves Hawaiian Pizza, and the other who hate it. People consider it to be a heinous crime to add pineapple toppings. So much so that it has reached the political world as well. In 2017, President of Iceland expressed his wish to ban pineapple on pizza. However, the Canadian Prime Minister tweeted:

“I have a pineapple. I have a pizza. And I stand behind this delicious creation.”

Recently, Gillian Anderson held a Q/A on Instagram

In order to pass time in quarantine, Sex Education’s Gillian Anderson decided to interact with her fans. While some questions were related to her Netflix show, others offered to do groceries for her. During this incredibly interesting Q/A, Gillian Anderson shared her favorite book, ice cream flavor and what similarities she has with Jean Milburn. She also told us how she is spending time in quarantine.

Gillian Anderson

During this Q/A, She also revealed her thoughts about pineapple on pizza.

When a fan asked if pineapple belongs on pizza, Gillian Anderson said:

Yes. Definitely.

Gillian Anderson

While most of her fans would disagree with her, it is clear that Anderson has peculiar choices in pizza flavors. However,  whether you like it or not, if Dana Scully of The X-Files can eat it, we should at least try it once.

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