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Contagion Movie Cast Post PSA Videos To Help Battle Coronavirus

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As the novel coronavirus pandemic disrupts life around the globe, one movie that warned us long ago was Contagion. Starring Kate Winslet and Matt Damon, it shows how a virus can spread to a global level just because someone touched a person or a doorknob. Now, the cast of the movie has reunited to share crucial information about the novel COVID-19 disease. Stars like Jennifer Ehle, Laurence Fishburne are also present as everyone release a public safety awareness video about the virus.

Contagion Movie Stars Drop PSAs Over Coronavirus

For Kate Winslet, Edward Abel Smith (her husband) filmed her PSA as she talks about taking personal responsibility during the pandemic. She talked about her Contagion movie where she played an epidemiologist trying to stop the spread of the virus in the movie world. She also talked about how a simple soap and water can help fight off the virus, going into basics of how soap binds with the grease on our hands. You can take a look at the video below:

For Matt Damon, he talked about social distancing and how it can help.

“It means stay six feet away from another person. It means not gathering in groups and it means staying home or sheltering in place, if that’s what government officials are telling you to do. People can have COVID-19 and have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.”

You can watch Contagion movie star, Damon’s, video below:

Another cast from Contagion movie, Laurence Fishburne, also talked about preventive measures. Offering some hope in his message, he said,

“Every day the number of those who are being cured will increase and our scientists can learn from how their immune systems defeated the virus and discover treatments until we have a vaccine.”

Take a look below:

Finally, we have Jennifer Ehle making her PSA as well. She was also a Contagion movie cast and hopes that we do not become a threat to the people around us, especially our family.

As of today, the coronavirus has affected over 650,000 people, taking over 30,000 lives globally.

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