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Noah Cyrus Shares Experience with Mental Health

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Noah Cyrus has followed the directions set by her sister Miley Cyrus. And is now opening up about her mental health struggles. Miley Cyrus has been pretty open about her battle with depression and anxiety. But Noah’s reflection was the first coming from her.

What Is Noah Cyrus Going Through?

In the September issue of L’Officiel USA, Noah Cyrus revealed that her forthcoming EP will narrate a lot of her emotions. And also, that her EP will be a story of her struggle against anxiety and depression. Most importantly, it talks on how it is okay to have those feelings.

Noah Cyrus further shared that a lot of people like to judge others for what they feel. Especially, on the Internet where people can’t stop making fun of you despite you feeling sad or anxious. In fact, nobody is spared even if they are having a panic attack. The actress said that her EP was all about this. And having all those feelings of sadness, depression and anxiety without being able to ignore it.

Not just the play, but the tracks will also paint the picture of her emotional side. Noah Cyrus believes that all this stemmed from the kind of household she grew up in. And that was a direct reference to the King of emo-  her former Metro Station frontman brother Trace.

Noah Cyrus has become more open about mental health struggles after she started dating rapper Lil Xan. She took to her Instagram stories to express her night terrors. She also revealed that she has had night terrors ever since she was a child. Her mother even had to take her to a doctor for it. But last night again, she had tons of them.

Finally, Noah Cyrus added that for the past few years, she has struggled a lot and has experienced some heavy mental stress. But now that she has met Lil Xan, she is a lot happier. And with all the Instagram love the two post for one another, they want the world to know about their happiness.

Can Celebrities Have Mental Health Issues?

Why have we made such a big ordeal of celebrities having mental health issues? It probably has no other justification than our prolonged extra interest in their personal lives. Yes, celebrities are public figures. And their privacy is almost always on the stake. But does that give us the right to pick on them for feeling something that they can’t help?

People, everywhere in society regardless of their ethnic and financial backgrounds go through depression and anxiety. It’s considered one of the normal phenomenons of life. But whenever a celebrity opens up about their mental health, the public has become habitual of attacking them for it. Just like Kanye West became a common meme and joke target when he opened up about his depression. What most of us probably did not realize was that he needed help. And no matter how controversial we find him, he was at a dangerous point in life where his mental condition was even forcing him to consider suicide. His wife Kim Kardashian had to summon counseling help for him. But we were so involved in ridiculing him for opening up that we never saw the details.

It’s time to realize that picking on celebrities who share their mental health struggles is definitely not okay. Just because these people are famous and rich, does not imply that they do not suffer in life. Everybody has the right to feel things and be human.

In fact, it is even harder for celebrities who try to shield their private depressive episodes from the public under their glamour shades. Only so they do not become the topic of the month. There is a lot going on in their lives and they need the space to deal with it. And opening up and talking about it is their right as much as anyone else’s. Popular celebrities like Gabbie Hannah or more commonly known as TheGabbieShow have all been victims of mental health. Only recently, the YouTuber revealed her anxiety and depression despite her popularity on social media. And people have still sent her millions of unjustified hate comments. Is that something sensible to do?

Other celebrities like Jeffree Star who are known just for their never ending controversies are often picked out on too. Previously, all we knew about the makeup mogul was that he has a relatively unfiltered mouth and expresses open hate for everybody he has issues with. But only recently with Shane Dawson’s series we got to know the real struggles of Jeffree Star. The actual picture of how hard the man has suffered throughout.

Maybe, the real reason why these people never opened up about their mental health is us. And our personal attacks on those who did. So many celebrities died struggling with depression but we never got to hear their stories. People around them never even thought that they had troubles. Just like Kate Spade and Sophie Grandon.

It’s time to cut these celebrities some slack and let them be humans with emotions too.

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