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Jeffree Star Spills Lowkey Tea On Ex Nathan Schwandt | Post Breakup

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OMG Guys! It’s been a week since Jeffree Star posted his last video. I was unable to sleep from the last couple of days. But I guess I can finally get some proper sleep now. For all those people who are still not aware of the car drama, let me explain it a little bit.

Jeffree Star posted a video on his YouTube channel eight-months ago. The title of the video was “Surprising My Boyfriend With His Dream Car”. A few days ago he made a few changes in the video’s description. And people literally started spewing venom at him.

The Changed Description

So guys we still don’t have any solid proof of the changed description. But according to a few sources, Jeffree made some serious changes in it. The Tea Spill channel claimed that this was the new description:

“Hey Everyone … Welcome back to my channel!!! Since my breakup with Nathan, I have been asked hundreds of times what happened with this car since uploading this video! The car was always mine and in my name. I paid for it and always dreamed of owning an Aston Martin from watching James Bond 007 movies as a kid. We did this video to make content and do something fun. But sadly this was us acting. And was not a real genuine surprise. lol.”

People started questioning Jeffree’s love for Nathan. And if he is going to take the car and other stuff back from him. So he removed the description. Thankfully, his fans are showing him a massive amount of support.

Jeffree Star Hints At Bad Blood With Nathan Schwandt | Post-breakup

Jeffree just posted a video on his channel explaining all the drama. So hold some popcorns in your hand and fast forward the video to 19:35 in the original video.

“So a lot of people are talking about this car. So come a little closer, let’s talk. Alright, so a lot of people saw me change title to an old video filmed last year. Where I surprised my boyfriend with his dream car.”

“Umm. I did change the title. I wrote a little description. And then I ended up changing it again. I am sure you guys are not surprised. But this car was always my car.”

The car mystery is solved for all the people asking about it. The Aston Martin belongs to him, just him. So leave him be.

“I paid for it. It was in my name for months. And then we filmed that video. I always dreamed about having an Aston Martin. I used to watch double-oh-seven movies as a kid.”

Well, I hope this video is going to clear all the false allegations and assumptions now. You can’t just let your ex-boyfriend have a car worth 155,000$ after you have parted ways with him. Especially when it’s not on his name.

Jeffree Star also mentioned in the video that he regrets saying a few things. And he never wants his fans to doubt him. A lot of things were going in his life so he kind of filled the changed description with whatever he was feeling. And there is nothing wrong with it.

Just put yourself in his shoes and think about the whole situation. You love somebody from the bottom of your heart and spend the most amazing moments of your life with them. And when you break up with them, your fans come up with the worst comments.

Spilling Some Lowkey Coffee Here on Ex Nathan Schwandt

Maddie (Jeffree’s Assistant) says:  It’s sad what you do for people and what they do in return.

To which Jeffree replies: it truly gets scary sometimes

We are not sure if he was talking about Nathan Schwandt or not but it seems like he was. Plus, we don’t know Nathan’s side of the story as well.

Jeffree Star further explained:

“I know there are fifty articles about it and I shouldn’t have changed this title. But that’s why. So, Hi. Please respect me, you guys. I love you so much. Thank you.”

I guess that’s all Jeffree wants to tell his fans for now. We can hope for the best for the two of them.

Head over to Jeffree’s Youtube channel if you guys want to watch the whole video on his life update.

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