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How Many Eggs Were Harmed In Rita Ora’s New Music Video

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Rita Ora’s new song How To Be Lonelys official video is finally on YouTube.The singer has been teasing tiny clips and pictures from her song on social media for a few days. And fans are showing a massive amount of love in the comments section.

The Song “How To Be Lonely” is the lead single of Rita Ora’s third studio album. And it is co-written by very talented Lewis Capaldi.

How To Be Lonely Has Two Versions

Yes, guys, you heard me right. The dance rehearsal version was released last Sunday on YouTube. And it has earned one million views. On the other hand, the official music video was released yesterday. It is directed by Dave Meyers and has earned over 484K views.

Dance rehearsal version:

Official Music video:

I personally think the dance version is better than the official music video. And the only common thing in both the videos is the color white. (All the dancers are wearing white clothes in the dance rehearsal version).

Rita Ora Should Have Released The Video Before Quarantine

Rita Ora has released the video at a very wrong time. A lot of single people have lots of time in their hands, they are going to watch this video. And they would want to copy Rita’s version of dealing with the loneliness.

Now guys, please take a deep breath and think with a clear mind. A lot of us are single and finding it really hard to deal with our emotions during the quarantine. Usually, the Internet’s speed is fast as a Cheetah, but it has massively slowed down because of the ongoing situation. So you can’t talk much with your friends. All social apps are down.

You are lonely as hell. And there is only one thing which is going to come in your mind. Let’s try to copy Rita Ora’s version of dealing with the whole situation.

We are already short on grocery and cleaning supplies. So please don’t even think about doing something extremely crazy.

Rita Ora Deals With Quarantine Like A Diva

The video starts like any other normal video which shows a lonely person surrounded by lots of couples with high testosterone and estrogen levels.


LGBTQ representation can be clearly seen in this music video and we can give Rita Ora props for that.

And here comes a flying arrow which hits Rita like a flying asteroid hits earth once in blue moon.


Hold on guys, we are not done yet. What’s next on Rita’s list to fight with the loneliness? She is taking a walk in a room filled with eggs. That’s the kind of walk you will surely remember.


Rita’s Eggie Craze

You can forget your ex-boyfriend but you surely can’t forget walking on a bed of eggs.

Those eggs are obviously going to crack. And make you slip. Now, Rita Ora, this is the time to escape from the egg room. But no, you decide to dance in them egg yolks.

dance in them yolks

Girl, you are so lonely that you can’t even smell these cracked egg yolks around you. And for how long you have been hoarding these eggs, hmm?

Let’s Focus On The Video

Cuddle a Big Brown Bear when you’re lonely. It doesn’t actually have to be real. You can cuddle a stuffed bear too.

Bear cuddle

What to do when you are lonely as hell and don’t have a dance partner? Try dancing with a  skeleton, like Rita is doing in the video. But don’t get too intimate because six feet distance is a must.

dance with the skeleton

Rita is a true diva so she only cries them glittery tears.

glitter tears

Then Rita Ora plans on taking a platinum serum bath. Is this some sort of skincare regime? You have to share the secret, girl. If you don’t have this glittery kind of serum, you can just run a basic bubble bath. I hope it’s going to wash away all the germs.

bath in gold

And here comes a UFO with Rita and her new friend “the alien beauty”. I hope they have an antiserum for Coronavirus.


Umm !! Okay. This is getting a little creepy.

Rita is shedding the old skin because she doesn’t want any memories of her ex-boyfriend to stick around.

Let’s take a dive from the 9th sky.

These Ants smelled them yolks and came for a yolk party.

Rita Ora is so hurt that her heart just pops out from her chest.

And here comes a brand new Rita Ora. All set to take over the world.

New me

Alright, guys, party time is over. The video is interestingly weird. And we are having a little difficulty in understanding it totally. But the lyrics are really nice and they have a deep meaning. So let’s just plug them earphones on and enjoy “how to be lonely”.

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