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Lili Reinhart is questioning wearing jeans at home

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So these days, we are all sitting at home being all cozy in our personal spaces. We’re protecting ourselves and our fellow citizens from the Coronavirus outbreak. While we all sit at home, so are the usually glammed up celebrities. And as the days go by, they are adapting to the ways of the lazy. Sitting at home, wearing their sweatpants and munching on their snacks. Probably watching some Netflix too. The COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) outbreak is making us all live indoors. And thanks to the Quarantine, even our Riverdale star, Betty Cooper IRL Lili Reinhart is now used to it. In a recent tweet, she wonders how someone could wear jeans at their home. Clearly, someone has adopted the ways of the sweats.

Lili Reinhart doesn’t understand why anyone would wear jeans at home

So, much like everyone else, Lili Reinhart is also taking the necessary precautions from the Coronavirus in this time of dismay. In a recent post on Instagram, she mentioned how she’s no longer trying to get out of her sweatpants.

Nice to look at these photos now that I haven’t taken sweatpants off in a week and no longer try to look presentable.

We do all know how comfortable sweatpants are and can totally relate to why Lili Reinhart would have a thought like that. I mean, Quarantine is the best time to just let your body loose. That is actually something to do with your time! You can take as much care of your body as you want. Also, wearing jeans in your own home is just very extra. Unless that is something you would go for. You do you, people!

We do think that in these trying times, we need to give our minds and body some ease. The Coronavirus outbreak has caused all shoots to shut down and it may not be long before we all find ourselves out of shows to watch. Who knows when Lili Reinhart and her crew from Riverdale return to the sets to shoot for more episodes. A true nightmare I believe.

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