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Kylie Jenner & Her BFFs Spill Their Secrets

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If there is someone Kylie Jenner loves the most after her family and business, it is her best friends forever. Kylie is quarantined at the moment, and she misses her friends and their parties as well as hangouts. While she has not been posting much on her social media accounts, Kylie just shared a 10-minutes video on her YouTube channel. She confirmed she shot the video before they all quarantined so that no one starts hating on her for meeting her friends while everyone else is social distancing. It is just a pre-recorded video.

Kylie Jenner & Her BFFs play “Who’s Most Likely To”

She recorded the “Who’s Most Likely To” episode with her close friend Anastasia Karanikolaou (Stassiebaby), Victoria Villarroel, and Yris Palmer. They all played the game holding their heads printed out. Kylie further confirmed that they all don’t know the questions as those were picked by their team as per their lifestyle.

  • Most likely to get married in Vegas

And they all agreed that it would be none of them.

  • Most likely to get injured while drunk

And everyone agreed that it would be Kylie Jenner. That’s because she keeps breaking her nails. In fact, apparently she broke three of her nails one night before they shot the video.

  • Most likely to have their nudes leaked

Kylie Jenner was the first one to claim that she does not send nudes. Yris said that nobody really sends nude. But then Kylie, Yris, and Victoria raise Stassie’s head to vote for her. So if the friends believe Stassie would most likely be the one to have her nudes leaked, believe it. Though Stassie did mention that they take nudes together but never sent them.

  • Most likely to win a Karaoke competition

Stassie and Kylie Jenner voted for Victoria because she killed it once. However, Yris is still a fan of Kylie’s Rise & Shine, so she voted for her.

  • Most likely to get the whole gang in trouble

And once again, everyone voted for Stassie. She definitely sounds like the most amazing company one could ever hope for.

  • Most likely to have a baby next

Stassie and Victoria believe that it’s either going to be Kylie or Yris.

  • Most likely to help a friend bury a body

Kylie Jenner got surprised at the question. She asked if they are killing people now. While the rest kept talking, Victoria said it’ll be all of them working together to bury the body.

  • Most likely to be late to an event

Stassie and Victoria voted for Kylie, while Yris voted for Victoria. Kylie, on the other hand, could not believe she is being named just because she was late once only.

  • Most likely to do a walk of shame

Victoria got four votes on that one, Stassie got three votes. Seems like everyone believes those two would do a walk for shame. That also means they do share all the intimate details as well.

  • Most likely to wander off on their own on a night-out

And that would be Victoria. They talked about an event when it was Victoria’s birthday and they were celebrating at midnight, and she left. Victoria said she had to be the responsible one and she had to sleep because she couldn’t do two nights in a row.

  • Most likely to forgive a cheating partner

None of them. Kylie Jenner even said “F*** that, next question*.

  • Most likely to be a perfect kisser

While Victoria said ‘all of us’, Kylie also agreed with her. She said she has kissed all of them and they are delicious kissers. (I’m not judging them, you are). But then they all agreed it’d be Victoria. Kylie had a story to tell about Yris’s kiss, but she did not. That’s not fair.

  • Most likely to win a twerking contest

I really want to know who picked these questions. Most of the votes went to Kylie and Stassie. Kylie Jenner even said:

Honestly, people do not know this about me though, but “it moves”

  • Most likely to marry a celebrity

They all got silent at the question for a moment, kept looking at each other and then just laughed. No one really answered, but you can take a guess why they laughed.

  • Most likely to slide into a man’s DM

There were two votes for Victoria, one for Stassie and one for Yris. Kylie is not sliding into someone’s DM. Stassie even used Kylie’s account to share her own profile link with people.

Other questions:

They all cry on sad movies. Stassie is the one who would most likely party every night. They all agreed that Kylie would most likely be the person to become US President. Stassie would most likely get wasted by herself. There was even a time when Stassie mixed up Yris’s picture with Victoria. She was saying Yris, but she had Victoria’s head in her hand.

Stassie won the game with most votes. Victoria and Kylie Jenner had a tie for the runner-up spot. They had shots at the end as a tribute to their friendship. It was an interesting vlog, you can watch the complete video here.

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