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Coronavirus Forces ESPN To Air Disney Movies Not Sports

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Sports channel ESPN has decided to air Disney movies instead of sports amidst coronavirus shutdown. As most of the sports have decided to suspend their seasons, people wondered what would sports channels do? While most are airing old sports matches and interviews, others have taken on a different approach. For ESPN, they have decided to fill the gap of Friday night programming by airing Disney films. The schedule will help the channel retain viewership while the nation hunkers down to avoid spreading the novel pandemic.

Coronavirus Affects Sports Channel ESPN

First up is The Rookie which will replace MLB’s opening week. This movie tells the story of a high school baseball coach Jim Morris who became the oldest rookie in the baseball league. Fortunately, this movie has some relation to the sports so maybe it wouldn’t be so unusual if ESPN airs it.

In the coming week, we will get to see Glory Road, starring Josh Lucas. The film has an ESPY for being the best sports movies, which it got back in 2006. In this movie, Lucas stars as Don Haskins who is a coach of Texas Western College with a team of all-black men, the first time in NCAA history. As coronavirus halts sports, maybe this movie will help cheer up some moods across the channel viewership.

Coronavirus pausing sports will also allow us to watch Miracle, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Secretariat, and Invincible. While streaming and digital platforms have got it easy for themselves as the shows and movies opt for digital releases, sports channels might be having some trouble. It is easy for big entertainment and movie channels to cue up great crowd-pleasing movies. However, channels like ESPN might have to think of unique ways, like Disney movies.

According to the World Health Organization, over 27,000 deaths have occurred worldwide, will 9000 only in Italy. For the U.S the country has officially surpassed the number of cases in China, registering over 100,000 cases, with 1,700 already dead.

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