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Harrison Ford’s Call Of The Wild Gets Early Digital Release

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We have some reassuring news for the people stuck in their homes during this lockdown season. 20th Century Studios is giving Call of the Wild an early digital release! And who can say no to seeing Harrison Ford again on our TV screens?

Earlier than expected digital release

Call of the Wild hit the cinemas on the 14th of February, 2020. However, the digital release took place yesterday, on the 27th of March. It is now available on Amazon and iTunes, for $14.99. Even though the movie performed poorly in the box office, there were larger issues at play. Most of them dealt with Coronavirus, and how it affected film releases.

Due to the virus, cinemas have largely been shut down across the world. This has affected many films, and Call of the Wild is no different. The film lost reportedly $50 million and ended up costing Disney money. However, considering how big Disney is, they’ll probably be fine. However, critics weren’t very happy with the film either.

Critics weren’t a big fan of the CGI Dog

The movie didn’t get a lot of praise either. The New York Post had a particular problem with the CGI Dog Buck, as they said:

But can CGI replicate the lovable spontaneity of man’s best friend? Not yet. Buck is adorable in spots, but his movement (with motion-capture actor Terry Notary) lacks the agility and jerkiness of a real dog. You never believe Buck is the genuine article, so moments of danger and even cute mannerisms don’t land.

This shows that Call of the Wild fails to create an emotional bond between the audience and one of its star characters. Yes, Harrison Ford is always a massive attraction in any film. But, he needs some help around him too, doesn’t he? He at least deserved a real dog over a CGI one.

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