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Boris Johnson Has Coronavirus | World Reacts To 1st Premier Victim News

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On Friday morning Boris Johnson announced in front of the world that he has contracted coronavirus. While the news was apparently filmed from a phone, the 55-year-old was dressed in a suit and told: “Hi folks, I want to bring you up to date with something that’s happening today. Which is that I have developed mild symptoms of the coronavirus.” He has retired himself to self-isolation and stays adamant in leading Britain in responding to the outbreak of the new virus. However, during this one question arises: Has he become a victim of his slow response? The world reactions on social media might indicate likely so.

Reactions To Boris Johnson Coronavirus News

This Twitter user points towards the people losing jobs in the tight economy that has come due to the pandemic.

Rumours are that there are a lot of unreported cases, especially in developing countries. Those are the places where the healthcare facilities and budget are not present to fight off the virus.

This guy really said that, didn’t he?


We have to admit, we did come across a Twitter user opinion where the person said that there are two pandemics at large right now: coronavirus and stupidity. Do you guys agree with this statement below?

Most of the Brits seem to dislike Boris Johnson even when he has contracted the coronavirus. Because this tweet surely points towards that:

Now, this is some pure talent. Who else can come with similar creativity with the news of Boris Johnson and coronavirus confirmation? Check out below:

There are a lot of politicians who are affected, especially in developing countries. However, this user has compiled some of the prominent ones, we think:


Is this true, is this the state of the UK government while fighting the novel coronavirus? People really do have a lot to say about how things are being run.

And finally, this news where his chief adviser is seen running off from Downing Street after Boris Johnson breaks the news of coronavirus.

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