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Jared Leto Should Not Be Judged Only On The Joker

There's a lot more to his career as the joker!

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Yes, we understand that Jared Leto has been a controversial name around Hollywood. Ever since his role as the Joker tanked on the silver screen, his name is in jeopardy. However, we believe that he should not be judged over one bad role. After all, he has a very lucrative career in Hollywood that deserves recognition. Let’s take a look!

We get it, his Joker was bad

Of course, we’re not going to defend that Suicide Squad’s version of the joker at all. Everything about that character was off. But, we think it would be fair if we don’t blame Jared Leto a lot for it. After all, many critics say that it was the script, makeup, and director’s fault that the film turned out to be so bad. And that Leto shouldn’t be criticized as much as them. Moreover, it was difficult to surpass the performance of Heath Ledger in Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Adding to that, Joaquin Phoenix’s performance made matters worse. But, if we put his career into perspective, then he shouldn’t be judged on this performance. So, let’s proceed!

1. Fight Club (1999):

Jared Leto Should Not Be Judged

Jared Leto played a significant part in this film, even though he wasn’t the lead actor. His role as Angel Face had no big part to play in the plot of the film, but his performance blended perfectly. Moreover, his chemistry with Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden was also amazing. But, that’s just a start.

2. Requiem for a dream (2000):

Jared Leto Should Not Be Judged Only On The Joker

Now, this is where we truly get to see the brilliance of Jared Leto’s acting. His character of Harry Goldfarb was at the center of the film. But what truly took the cake was Leto’s acting. He truly portrayed the physical pain of a drug addict perfectly. So much so, that it even scared many people into not doing drugs. That is why this film received massive critical acclaim.

3. Mr. Nobody (2009):

Jared Leto Should Not Be Judged Only On The Joker

This has to be Jared Leto’s most underrated project. Although he played just one character, Nemo Nobody, in this film, he had to portray 4 different versions of him. So, you can say he practically played 4 different parts in this film. Plus, the premise of the film, showing 3 alternate realities was just mind-blowing. At the very least, this film deserves to be among the top-ranked films on IMDB.

4. Dallas Buyer’s Club (2013):

Dallas Buyer's Club

This is the film that got Jared Leto his much deserved Oscar win. His role as a transgender woman with HIV was able to capture the pain perfectly. For that role, he even lost 30 to 40 pounds to make his character look more believable. And we all know how much the Academy loves method acting. However, he didn’t just deserve the Oscar over losing some weight. His acting was on point and hit the viewers right in the feels.

5. Blade Runner 2049 (2017):

Jared Leto Should Not Be Judged Only On The Joker

His role as Niander Wallace really stole the show. Jared Leto was able to capture the persona of a blind, genius, billionaire almost perfectly. He looked smart but intimidating all at the same time, which was just what was needed of his character. Even though he didn’t have a lot of screentime, the fans loved his role!

If we put these all-time classics into perspective, it’ll be cruel to taint Jared Leto’s career with the Joker. He is far better an actor than what the Joker made him out to be, and we hope we get to see more of him in the future!

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