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Marvel Fans Have Spotted This Huge Plot Hole In Nick Fury Storyline

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You may give credit to Disney+ for this, or the self-isolation opportunity, but whatever it is, Marvel fans are rewatching its movies. Now, it would take anyone days to get through all of the movies, but what else do we have to do in these tragic days of self-isolation, quarantine and coronavirus? In these testing times, fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe are leaving no stones unturned for any character. And so, one of them have discovered a possible plot hole in Nick Fury’s character buildup.

Marvel Fans Talk About Nick Fury

Staying in self-isolation must have given the fans to place a keen-eye on the movies and find small tidbits about theories, plot and the complete storyline of every character. Given how Marvel movies are built from bottom up, each character brings its own story to join in on a bigger plot, there can be some confusion. Luckily, we have Marvel fans to locate us those confusions.

One fan found a Nick Fury plot hole that has nothing to do with the Spider-Man reveal that he’d been a Skrull for some time. In actual, it has more to do with Captain Marvel and a Flerken named Goose.

Watching CA:WS and can someone tell me where in the timeline this falls? He looks older than in CM but he still has both eyes. from marvelstudios

During the ending of Captain Marvel, we see that Nick is playing with the ginger cat named Goose. Now we all understand that is an alien called a Flerken. Goose is also important to Nick because he’s swallowed the Tesseract. While Nick is playing with him, the alien cat scratches Nick Fury’s face, taking out his THAT eye. Then, at the end of the movie, Agent Coulson tells Nick that he has to choose glass eyes because Kree burned out his eye when he wouldn’t give up the Tesseract.

Confusion In Timeline?

However, the Marvel fan tells that that Captain Marvel takes place in 1995, one of the earliest movies in the MCU storyline. The Winter Soldier takes place in 2014, with a great divide in Agents of the SHIELD. During this, the government brands Fury and some Avengers as traitors. In the same movie, Alexander Pierce sees a photograph of Nick after which he says “That photo was taken five years after Nick and I met.”

Now, Marvel fans caught them here. Fury and Pierce met in Bogota which took place after 1995 when Fury surpassed Level 3 Agent in Captain Marvel. And in the photo, Fury has two good eyes and that is the whole problem.

What do you guys think, what could be the reason behind this?

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