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Bo Peep was missing in Toy Story 3 but now back in Toy Story 4

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Toy Story 4 brings back Bo Peep after she was not seen in the trilogy. She was handed to the new kid and that’s all viewers knew. Disney+ covers Bo Peep’s unseen years in the new Toy Story short, Lamp Life. And this excerpt on Disney+ gives us a good peep into how Bo went to the playground. Shew as at Andy’s house and ended up with a reunion alongside Woody.

The tale of Lamp Life

The movie starts where the fourth movie ends. And Giggle McDimple tells Woody that Bo has been through a tough situation unlike Giggles himself, who had it easy.

So viewers get to see flashes of Bo in the new house where the host loves her.

Even though she says her life on the baby lamp is not exciting but she accepts it was still happy for a while. Until Bo decides that it’s time for her to move on. The story continues as Bo explains everything she went through. And all that she had to do along the way. The short ends when Woody is seen to be surprised by all of Bo’s adventures and asks her if all of that is true to which Bo teasingly replies: “Yeah, well, more or less”.

The writer and director of Lamp is Life, Valerie LaPointe pointed out when speaking to Indie Wire that, Lamp Life emerged when all cut pieces from Toy Story 4 were cut and put together.

She says:

“I dug up all of the cut scenes that we had [from the flashback], which were sad, and I was trying to look through the lens of how Bo would look back on her life. Her personality would look back and say that she had a hard life, but she came out the other side as a better person, a better toy, she found a new way of life, and she can laugh at it. But in recounting what happened to her, the handful of gags were flipped from sad to funny.”

So, that’s what happened to Bo Peep.

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