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Cardi B’s Hilarious Stunt at the VMAs

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Cardi B had some amazing hilarious surprises for everyone at the MTV VMAs this year. Not only were her surprise bits fun, but also total success. And that’s guaranteed as her husband Offset was fooled by her stunts too.

Cardi B did not open the VMA stage appearance with a musical performance. Instead, she appeared on stage to introduce the show carrying a bundle in her arms. Wrapped in blankets, it surely looked like her newborn baby Kulture. She teased the crowd saying that she had a surprise for everyone. Naturally, common sense remained that Cardi B was going to introduce her baby. When the rapper opened up the blankets for the audience, it was just the VMA Moon Man Trophy.

Cardi B took the audience by surprise with this opening stunt. In fact, her husband Offset got lured into the trap too. He also considered that Cardi B was going to show off his daughter in front of everybody already. After the awards ceremony, Cardi B took it to Twitter to explain her husband’s wild reaction.

It was pretty evident that the singer had left her husband in the dark too. The joke was already planned. And she was strict with the mystery. The executive producer of the VMAs, Bruce Gillmer discussed Cardi B’s appearance before the ceremony. Apparently, he knew that she had a surprise planned to please the audience. But he did not talk further about it since it was meant to be purely mysterious.

Opening the VMA ceremony has been Cardi B’s first public appearance since she gave birth. The rapper is still trying to minimize her public outings. In fact, she even cancelled her tour with Bruno Mars saying that she was still not ready. Cardi B has shared details of her baby daughter with the public a few times. But neither of the couple has shown her photographs to everyone yet. And if Cardi B had actually introduced her daughter as a fun joke, it would surely have been a wild moment for Offset.

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