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Trevor Noah Slams Trump For Easter US Reopening

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Trevor Noah is now shooting The Daily Show, or as he calls it now, The Daily ‘Social Distancing’ Show from home. But, that doesn’t stop him from slamming Donald Trump. And Donald Trump also provides him with every opportunity to roast him. However, this time it was a serious matter. He criticized the US President over his plan to reopen the US by Easter.

Trump called out on The Daily Show

Recently, Donald Trump announced that he wants the US economy reopened by Easter. And not just that, he actually wants packed churches this easter too. Naturally, Trevor Noah immediately called him out on The Daily Show. He said:

And this idea is so insane that everyone, from Democratic Governors to conservative politicians to the entire field of medical experts, agrees that unless the virus is contained, people have no business gathering in large groups.

And if we’re being honest, that is the kind of response this policy deserves. However, Trevor Noah didn’t just stop there. He further said:

And, you know, it’s so surreal that we ended up in a situation where the one person who doesn’t understand how complex and dangerous this is, happens to be the most powerful man in the world.

These are some pretty scathing words from Trevor Noah, but he has a point. Every single expert in the US is against this Easter reopening.

Why is reopening so soon a bad idea for the US?

It’s not that he’s only getting backlash from Trevor. There is almost unanimous agreement everywhere that this is a bad idea. This is because Social-distancing is at the center of how we can prevent this pandemic from spreading. The New York times repeatedly said in this article how it will help ‘flatten the curve’. By that, they mean it’ll help ease the burden on our health care facilities. Truly, Trevor Noah isn’t alone in his criticism.

And it’s not just them, economists have joined in with Trevor saying that it’s a bad idea. The current situation is far more important to deal with right now than the economy. Moreover, even the Christian community in America has criticized Trump, with Rev William J. Barber saying:

It is the height of hypocrisy for Trump to suggest that Easter is a time to defy public health recommendations and ‘reopen’ America

Moreover, he isn’t even getting support from his own advisors. They’re desperately trying to pursue him to postpone the reopening. Trevor Noah, Economists, Doctors, Christians, everyone is worried because of the current US Coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus cases are piling up in America

Currently, the United States has the most cases of COVID-19 in the world, recently surpassing China. Moreover, there could be an expected 82,000 deaths from Coronavirus by July in the US alone. These are some alarming figures, with more than 7,000 cases being confirmed in New York state in a single day. Things are really bad for Andrew Cuomo in New York, and he has repeatedly insisted Trump for more help, especially with ventilators.

Things are really getting out of hand, and it will get worse if Trump goes ahead with the reopening. Trevor Noah’s criticism is valid, and Trump really does need to listen to all the experts and postpone it.

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