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What Is Jeffree Star Going To Reveal In His Upcoming Video?

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I guess Jeffree Star is finally going to respond to the hate comments and false allegations. A YouTube channel named “Tea Spill” recently talked about Jeffree and his ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. According to the channel, Jeffree changed the description of the video in which he surprised his ex-boyfriend Nathan with his dream car (an Aston Martin).

According to Tea Spill, Jeffree made some changes in the description of the video. And within a few hours, he changed it back. The channel claims that he just wanted to throw shade at his ex-boyfriend.

Tea Spill Has Killer Photoshop Skills

I still can’t get my mind around this thing. I mean it is just a screenshot. And there is no proof if it is from Jeffree Star’s YouTube account. I guess some people were bored out of their mind so they thought of perfecting their photoshop skills.

Pretending to surprise ex-boyfriend

So the changed description goes as:

Changed Description

A lot of people are saying that they witnessed a change in the description twice. But there is still no proof of it being changed by Jeffree Star.

A fan supporting Jeffree

Though this tweet is referring to Jeffree Star and his friend James Charles. It has a really deep meaning. I guess I have to say it again “spread only positivity“.

Who Is The Reason Behind Jeffree Star’s Bad Mood?

Jeffree Star just posted a story on his Instagram account.

“I am filming a new video, my ear started bleeding. How are you doing sis? You wanna know why it’s bleeding? For the m****** F**k**g B***sh*t.

That now I am gonna have to talk about”

I am not trying to start any drama or have anyone speculate.

Wait till my video goes up on Saturday.

“People need to be focusing on what the f*** is going on in the world.

But I know that people also want entertainment.”

He further mentioned:

“This video is gonna get a little deep. We are gonna have fun. I am gonna show off some things, some transformations. Life update & personal s**t. And I also wanna talk about Jeffree Star Cosmetics.”

“A lot of you are like what is the future of your business with the Coronavirus. So we are gonna sit the f*** down and we are gonna talk”.

I request you all to please be a little nice to my babe Jeffree Star.

Let’s Keep Our Fingers Crossed

Jeffree Star might be referring to the new allegations circling on social media regarding his ex-boyfriend Nathan on his Instagram story. People wanna know if Jeffree is going to take the Aston Martin back from him or not.

Well, guys! It is their personal matter. Jeffree Star might be a social butterfly. But there are days when people are at their lowest point. And a few sentences filled with hate and accusations can throw them in a pitch dark hole.

Let’s wait till Saturday and hope for the best.

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