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British Media After Meghan Markle For Prince Charles Testing Positive

They somehow made it about her, again!

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Meghan Markle has had a memorable ride ever since she joined the Royal family, to say the least. She also had quite a showdown with the British media, which was quite vile if we’re being honest. It may even have played a major role in why she and Prince Harry left their royal duties for a life in Canada. Recently, Prince Charles tested positive for Coronavirus. However, the British media still somehow managed to make it about Meghan!

How did they manage to make this about Meghan Markle?

As we all know by now, Prince Charles recently tested positive for Coronavirus. He is now in self-isolation, along with his wife the Duchess of Cornwall. Now, Meghan Markle is some 6,000 km away in Canada, yet still, the British media managed to drag her in.

The Daily Mail posted an article, with the following headlines:

British Media After Meghan Markle For Prince Charles Testing Positive
Screenshots of the article

At this point, the British Media is just being racist to a despicable extent. The Daily Mail presented no concrete sources for this news, and it frankly looks absurd to the human eye. However, this isn’t the first time the British Media has gone on a witch-hunt for Meghan Markle.

British Media is quite racist towards Meghan

Sadly, this kind of behavior isn’t something new for the English Press. Throughout her time in England, Meghan was consistently a target of racist coverage by the media. During Meghan’s time in the family, she faced racist abuse like her child being compared with a Chimpanzee. Moreover, British media’s racism becomes even more obvious when you compare the treatment of Kate Middleton, Prince William’s white wife, with hers.

Adding to that, even Meghan Markle’s own exit from the British royal family along with Prince Harry sparked a debate on racism all over England. Sadly though, that debate eventually produced racism by itself. It’s more like a vicious cycle. What’s worse is that Twitter had seen it coming.

Twitter is always ahead of its time

Twitter had predicted that the British media would somehow find a way to make Meghan Markle look bad:

Sadly, it didn’t take long for the press to prove them right. It’s now obvious that there’s a racist agenda against Meghan Markle. Even though it’s 2020, racism still finds a way to exist in society. It’s going to take a lot more than just education to fix this issue.

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