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Rose McGowan Criticized for Asking People to be Gentle with Asia Argento

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Rose McGowan is facing backlash from the public after she urged people to be gentle towards Asia Argento. Apparently, reports surfaced that Asia Argento sexually assaulted an actor when he was only 17 years old. And later, agreed to pay him $380,000 to not reveal it.

Rose McGowan recently shared that she met Asia Argento 10 months back. Both women have a common pain of being sexual assault victims of Harvey Weinstein. Rose McGowan stated that she will continue to help other victims everywhere. But the truth behind the allegations on Asia Argento was still unknown to everybody. The actress further claimed that she was sure more information would be revealed soon. And until then, she urged people to be gentle with Argento.

Rose McGowan’s comments came out at a crucial time. It was right after a New York Times report on Asia Argento’s case was published. It talked about the allegations of assaulting a former underage star back in 2013 launched against Argento. The newspaper even added the documents that were shared between Asia Argento’s and the accusers lawyer. The evidence had a full payment schedule designed. Ironically, Asia Argento was one of the first prominent women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of assault.

Rose McGowan got labelled as a hypocrite following her defense for Asia Argento. People were quick to point out that her rhetoric was totally different when other people were accused of sexual assault.

Christina Hoff Summers, a popular critic of modern feminist movements accused Rose McGowan of having double standards. He said that the answer to male privilege was not female privilege. But rather, fairness for everyone. And that the #MeToo movement should favor everyone equally and not just women. He further added that Rose McGowan should apply the same advice to all accusers and not change it for her friend Asia Argento.

Everybody from celebrities to the public criticized Rose McGowan for her comments. They said that just because Asia Argento was her friend, McGowan was changing her beliefs on accused people. Actor Harry Cook tweeted that there was no point of being gentle to Asia Argento just because she was a woman. And that Rose McGowan’s contradictory comments were a direct slap to the entire concept behind the #MeToo movement.

Asia Argento and Rose McGowan are awaited for comments following the social media backlash.

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