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Tiger King | Where Are The Lead Characters Now?

Spoilers ahead!!

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If you are looking for something damn interesting to pass your quarantine time, do not miss out on Netflix’s Tiger King. I have seen many celebrities posting about it. And we don’t skip a series when almost every celebrity is talking about it. Tiger King takes you through a very rough roller-coaster ride. There are 7 episodes. And we bet you will end up binge-watching these in one-go. It is a Netflix Original limited series. There is no follow-up expected. But you do want to know what the heck is everyone doing now. The show just messes with your head. In fact, you would not trust the world around you anymore. If you are looking for some answers about the lead characters, keep reading to know where are they now:

Tiger King | What Happened To Joe Exotic?

Tiger King Joe Exotic

The whole series revolves around Joe Exotic and how he was arrested for planning our a hire-to-kill plot. Throughout the series, I had to open IMDB at least 3-4 times to read the synopsis again. The story has so many twists and details, you just forget what was the series all about. If you are into animals and zoo, Tiger King must have driven you crazy.

At the end of the series, Tiger King Joe Exotic partnered up with PETA to expose everyone he had a feud with. He was falling, and he wanted to take everyone with him. Currently, Joe Exotic, the Tiger King, is still in prison. Earlier this year, the exotic cat breeder was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison. He was in Santa Rosa County Jail in Milton, Florida at the time of his indictment. However, he was later moved to Oklahoma for the sentencing. Currently, his current location (of prison) is unknown.

Carole Baskin | Joe Exotic’s Almost-Victim

Carole Baskin

Apart from Joe Exotic, the second leading character of the limited docuseries is Carole Baskin. She was running a campaign to end the abuse of big exotic cats. Her sanctuary is called Big Cat Rescue. In fact, Carole Baskin has been the victim of not only Joe Exotic’s hatred but also of all the big names in the exotic zoo business. It was her against the zoo world. While her thoughts seemed pure to many, some people still believe that Carole killed her first husband. She did not like how he treated the animals.

Carole’s husband went missing and there is still no sign of him or his body yet. She describes herself as Mother Teresa of wild exotic cats. She agreed to appear in the documentary when the producers told her they are creating the Blackfish of the cat industry. Joe Exotic was obsessed with her, and he really hated her. In fact, everyone knew about it because he kept on throwing shades at her directly in his videos and songs.

Carole Baskin is living with his current husband. She is still running the Big Cat Rescue program and working with PETA to change laws about big cats. She is also unhappy with how she was portrayed in the Tiger King documentary.

Rick Kirkham | Joe Exotic TV’s producer

Tiger king people

Kirkham was working on a reality TV show for Joe Exotic. Both Joe and Kirkham had a dream of working on a unique reality show. Therefore, Kirkham’s documentary was going to be a dream-come-true for both of them. Rick Kirkham spent all of his time on the G.W. Exotic Zoo, working on his production. Therefore, he had many “uncensored” and “confidential” things recorded on his cameras. When he had a falling out with Joe Exotic, all of his records were burnt to ashes in a mysterious fire. It was definitely an arson attempt. And Kirkham ended up losing everything. He left the zoo and did not want to be in touch with Joe ever again.

In Tiger King, Rick Kirkham plays an important role in defining the behind-the-scenes of the exotic zoo. Recently, he talked to Vanity Fair from Norway and shared his thoughts on it:

I moved here to marry my girlfriend about two and a half years ago and, quite honestly, to get the hell away from that entire part of my life.

Kirkham agreed to be a part of the documentary Tiger King on producers’ request. He says he has never met anyone so cruel before.

You have to understand, this is one of the cruelest human beings I have ever encountered,” Kirkham said of Joe. “He is so cruel and so evil…like something out of The Omen.

He had a nervous breakdown after the fire incident.

I lived in a nasty, dirty, filthy environment with nasty, dirty, filthy him. I got bit by a spider about the fourth month I was there, and I lost my hearing completely for a month because of the venom.

Kirkham also wondered why he hadn’t attempted suicide.

I went through so much shit at that zoo in that year’s time I was there I’m surprised I didn’t put a gun to my own head.

He is currently working as a journalist in a local online newspaper in Norway.

Jeff Lowe | Joe Exotic’s Former Business Partner & An Alleged Con Artist

Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe appears in the last episodes of Tiger King, along with his wife Lauren. Let’s not talk about how adventurous the couple really was. He has renamed G.W. Zoo as Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. The animal park never closes down. As per the zoo’s official site, it is open throughout the year.

They are working on a new zoo, as revealed in Tiger King. It was supposed to inaugurate in 2019 but due to certain issues, it got postponed till this summer. The new facility, in fact, is quite an upgrade. It will also feature overnight stays for the big cats’ lovers.

However, current circumstances do not seem feasible. As per Tiger King producers, Jeff Lowe is still keeping the original zoo open, despite calls for social distancing and COVID-19. Moreover, customer traffic was very low. Though the Tiger King release will definitely attract more traffic now, COVID-19 is still keeping the citizens indoors for their own protection.

Bhagavan Doc Antle | The Guru

Doc Antle

The guru of the exotic animals’ private zoo, Bhagavan Doc Antle, is one of those lead characters who are not really happy with how Tiger King turned out to be. The production of the series started 5 years back. Apart from Carole Baskin, Doc Antle also had a different concept about the documentary. He, in fact, considered it to be about wildlife conservation. Doc was not expecting to be such a huge part of the whole series. And after finding it out, he hired a lawyer. About the first few episodes of Tiger King, Doc told Vanity Fair:

not as bad as I thought.

Tiger King documentary shows Doc Antle keeping a “harem” of cure girls. However, Doc has denied the accusations:

There are a lot of cute girls here, because the conservation movement does draw in cute girls. But those cute girls have nothing to do with this old fat guy running the place.

Tiger king

Any Follow-up for Tiger King?

The directors have confirmed that they have a lot of unused footage still available with them. However, they expect that none of the lead characters will agree to take part in the follow-up/final-final episode anymore. The directors are already aware of the fact that their “final cut” of the documentary would be unpleasant for these people. And it is turning out to be true.

There are many questions still unanswered. Mostly because it is still happening in the real world. Joe Exotic was sentenced in January 2020. And we are still in the first quarter of 2020. Things will unfold with the passage of time.

Did you like how things ended up for Joe Exotic? Let us know in the comments below.

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