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Madonna’s VMA Tribute to Aretha Franklin was Self-indulgent

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Popular singer Madonna paid homage to late Aretha Franklin at the MTV VMAs. Madonna presented the Video of the Year Award to Camila Cabello. And as she did so, she credited her success to Aretha Franklin talking about her career.

Madonna started her tribute by crediting Aretha Franklin’s R.E.S.P.E.C.T as the reason she started her career. The singer told the crowd that nothing would have been possible it it weren’t for the Lady of Soul. Moving further, she recalled the struggles of her career and how she lived in Detroit with just 35 dollars. She got rejected for not being pretty enough numerous times when she auditioned. Further, she added that her career began when she sang Aretha Franklin’s A Natural Woman during an audition. She traveled to Paris after her selection in that audition.

At the end of her talk, Madonna thanked Aretha Franklin for empowering all of them. And concluded by saying ‘Long Live The Queen’. But her tribute did not get the reaction that the singer was probably hoping for. Her tribute was slammed for being self-indulgent. People even requested that Madonna should issue a public apology. Fans accused her for just talking about herself for a whole 30 minutes. And also, considered it a disrespect to a legend like Aretha Franklin.

The Criticism Madonna Faces

Fans took over Twitter as they expressed their indignation at Madonna’s tribute to the late singer. Some people blasted her for telling her story to honor Aretha Franklin. Others believed that Travis Scott’s ‘RIP Aretha Franklin‘ was a better tribute than Madonna’s speech. Another user even claimed that she gave herself a tribute that featured Aretha Franklin.

Madonna Responds To Backlash

Madonna has fired back at all the hates slamming her tribute to the Queen of Soul. She has claimed that she was asked to share all the anecdotes of her career that involved Aretha Franklin. She further accused the critics for being judgmental. And also, for having short attention spans. The singer even added that she never intended to give this tribute. For it would never do justice to Aretha Franklin with the time limit and the noise at the Award show.

However, fans still have not forgiven Madonna for disrespecting the legend. And it’s still common opinion that all Madonna did was talk about her own career and then label it as a tribute to Aretha Franklin.

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